From unemployed to semi-employed

I’m on the journey of becoming officially employed. I blogged recently in China about finding the right job, and I have been finding the right one for myself. Well, the answer to that is that I have found the job I am really interested in and I think I will enjoy working in the said company.

I had been in a dilemma ever since I was offered two opportunities when I was back. Both opportunities offered were very enticing and I am genuinely interested in both. I went through 4-5 rounds of interview for company A, and I took a really hard exam to score an interview session for company B. I had to choose, A or B.

Company A offers me the position I like, but the pay for that was mediocre or should I say slightly less than mediocre. Results from company B hasn’t come out yet, and I think the chances of me getting it would be 60%. Cuz I think i kinda screwed the interview up by being too cocky. In fact, I wasn’t in the right mood to deal with the interview because company A has offered me a job. All in all, i thought I could have done better lah. Anyway, I liked both companies. One is US-based, and one is local.

Actually the choice is not very tough, but I brought it upon myself by thinking too much lah. Really. So stupid. So much so that I tied myself to the ground making it very tough for myself to make decision.

It’s very easy to throw out advice to friends and people around you, but when it really happens on your, damn it, you have no idea what to do. Seriously, I caught myself off guard plenty times and I try to really force myself to do what I need to do. When I was faced with monetary problems, I was tempted to go to the one with higher remuneration. Then I ask myself if the monetary could make me happy during my stay in that job. I realize I cannot imagine myself to go to work happy but I could imagine me being really satisfied and accomplished when I thought of the one with lower pay.

I might be thinking too much, company B might not even offer me a job and probably I will just left with one choice–company A. Heh. but opportunities are for those who are well-prepared. So its still good to be mentally prepared for all kind of situations. Hohoho.

Aiya, I think I will just sign the contract for company A lah. Have a job is better than no job, and I shall review this topic of Passion over money after I work lah okay.



I came back for a few things and one of it is to attend a seminar held by my professors in college. Because I’m so ridiculous like that, I signed myself up for the seminar. It’s free because I told my professor I want to attend and she said I could attend, but I have to help her during the course.

So i thought it’s just helping out doing some sai-kang work. I forgot I’m talking about china here, my professor made me do so much i felt like I’m one of the organisers. Lol.

What did I bring home from the seminar? Well, I learnt how to maximise my body so I could hang as many goody bags, to come up with weird solutions to questions I don’t even understand just because my prof told me “let them whatever you know about this course. you’ve done that in your senior year! go go go!” Oh. I forgot how I used to slog my life away for my prof when everyone else is writing their thesis.

Aiyoh. I kinda miss the life and couldn’t help but to wonder what’s going to happen to me next. What is my next phase of life?

When I was young, I wanted to grow up so bad. I wanted dress myself up in pretty clothes and high heels. I wanted to be able to take control of my life like an adult.

and now that I’ve reached that certain age where Im old enough to do what I like, and to take control of my life entirely, I felt unsure, and insecure.

Like I want to chicken out from those aspirations that I used to have when I was young. I just want to be provided for and I want live the life like a lil kid with no responsibility. Ah. those carefree moments.

Just let me indulge in my world for a few more days…….

Applying for Jobs

As a fresh grad, I think I’m pretty relaxed about jobs——— as compared to my peers.

I’m not rich, neither is my family. I’m not not finding, I just don’t want myself to get desperate and land on any other jobs that I will dread going to work in the morning. 我絕對沒有要弔起來賣的意思。

I’m 24 this year, and people my age are starting up companies, working in MNCs, wearing gucci and pradas. And I’m just strolling down the streets in h&m shorts and uniqlo t-shirts.

Peer pressure? Yeah of course, but I also know that if I missed having this period of time in my life, I would definitely regret it later in life. I see friends dragging their feet in the morning to take the free MRT rides, I meet up with friends 10pm at night for my supper—their dinner, I hear complains. They take turns to tell me, “Your turn is coming very soon.”

For clarification, I’m not paranoid about getting a job. I just needed a break from my 24 years of hectic student life before entering into the workforce for the next 40 years. Man. What’s these 2-3months of break? It pales in comparison with the big numbers.

Then again, it may just be all bullshit here. I may really be desperate for jobs, but putting a nonchalant front so nobody can judge me. HAHA. Well, maybe.

I’m enjoying my stay in Beijing at the moment. The life here as a “tourist” triumphs the life as a “student” SO freaking MUCH. Yeah man, this entire city looks afresh to me, it’s glowing its ridiculous. Am I seeing things with a weird tinted goggles here? I don’t know man. When I was still a student here, I dreaded living in this city. I hated the pollution, I hated the cough and *gargles* spit, I just dislike the rude people here. Then this trip, I kinda embrace everything that I once hated. So strange.

By no means I’m any richer than I was a student.I’m in fact, poorer. Like poor until can die kind.

Maybe it has gotta do with the nice weather these days. Wow, the skies were blue for a few consecutive days. I know right! We’re talking about beijing here!

OH. Since we are talking about Jobs here, some people asked if I was interested in getting a job here in Beijing. I mean… I want to! The MR is working here and I dislike LDR omg. I’ve been searching for jobs really hard in Beijing from April-July( Yah, I know I said I wasn’t rushed. This is different lah okay. I need to fight for a place in Beijing ok.)and I had a few jobs lined up. Then suddenly, some told me the law for work VISA has changed. Apparently it requires fresh grad to have at least 1 year of experience after your graduation(Does that even consider as fresh grad?). Like wtf, why God why. A lot of friends told me I could get agents in China to do the dirty job, I just need to pay. It sounds very illegal for a Singaporean. LOL.

Companies I’ve spoken to, and interviewed for brought up the working visa and well, I lost a few offers because of that. WHAT!!!

One local friend told me have it checked out, because it’s discrimination against people. *Shrugs. But it’s china we are talking about here. I’m scared.


So I’m back in Beijing. Left 1 August 2014, and back 18 August 2014 — Just in time for the MR’s birthday! Don’t ask about the cost. I’m already very poor, this trip made me pauper than I already was. It can only get better from here right?!

I have never experienced anything like this during my four years in Beijing. I had lived off campus, in a small neighbourhood near my school. Not great, but not that bad either. I had a nice kitchen, good bathroom with awesome water pressure and heating system. Basically, I lived good. I didn’t have to worry about moving after each semester, or to worry about the cleanliness of the room. I had everything under control.

This trip back to Beijing was an “adventure”. One day before flying, the MR texted and said that I wouldn’t like where we were supposed to live. (Story: MR is going to live with his friend, R. R screwed up the whole schedule and MR had to live in R’s room for two weeks and R is going to live in his friend, N’s room. I wanted to be with MR on his birthday so I did whatever I could to return. So upon knowing that I’m coming, MR suggested to R that we could live in N’s room instead —knowing that there was no roommates and all. As usual, R screwed up, again. It happened that there was another roommate, and a homeless person couching in the living room. Also, bathroom is disgusting and no lock. MR was upset, and he knew that I would be mad.) So right before I left, I hooked my friends up and they had helped to book a room in the student dormitory for me. We couldn’t stay for long because school’s starting, and we had to move after 6 nights spent in the small room. Happy? Not really. The room was small, but it was clean and the shower was good. Shared kitchen outside the room is also great.

We were financially strapped and had to spend 12 nights somewhere else before we could check into a nice hotel towards the end of my stay.

To be honest, it should be for another 5/6 nights because the MR can move into his room 1 September. Lo and behold, the apartment has a c-a-t. Goodness!!! Walao. I’m scared of fur, damn it. I was quite mad. Ok, really mad. Because the MR didn’t know there was a cat until he verbally agreed to stay with R and another roommate, O , who owns the damn cat. It’s not like they cannot own pets. But at the very least, let your soon-to-be roommate know about that?

Is that how guys do things? You don’t think through everything? And ultimately when things screwed up, they just throw their hands in the air, give you a I-can’t-do-anything-about-it look, and walk away. Idiots.

Then for the 12 nights, we had to resort to AIRBNB.

We got a place to live through airbnb and I couldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s not great either. Airbnb is a great platform for people to let out their rooms, their house for extra cash, and all but I think it kinda lacks quality assurance/quality control. So this is what it is now, airbnb will credit the bill into the host’s account 24hours after we’ve check-in. I thought it would be better for airbnb to credit half the bill into the host’s account, then the remaining half after we check out and rate it. Sure enough there’s a possibility that people might abuse the system, but it also pushes the hosts to really describe their place as it is, providing a great service for people who uses them and also gives the tenants an assurance. More to that, of course, just saying how it would make me feel a lot more comfortable.

Because right now, this place we got through airbnb… urm.. lets just say the bathroom grossed me out. EEKs.

Grand Arrival~~~


It’s funny how the last post was also “BACK AGAIN” then I disappeared for like more than half a year and here I am saying, “DUDE IM BACK AGAIN.”


So. I was on a hiatus. I shut down my blog and I thought I wasn’t going to be here forever. I’m back in less than a year. I don’t miss blogging, I missed having to read my posts. YEP IMMA BIG FAN OF MY OWN BLOG HAHAHAHHAA.

I try not to regret what I have had done over the years… but really.. shutting the blog was one of my biggest mistakes. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking and I’m regretting it big time. I didn’t get to re-live my hilarious moments through my blog. Big sigh.

June is ending in one week. What the hell? I thought it has just started!!! and my student visa ends on July 31. Wow. Time rocketed.

I’ve more or less figured things out and I really hope I can stay in Beijing for a bit to craft out my own career. Most people were right, when we were out of Singapore, our horizons widened, we see things differently and I cannot beg everyone to agree on my stand. As long as I know I’m not fighting this battle alone, I think I’m good. My family weren’t very supportive of my decision to stay in Beijing, but I think that doesn’t hinder me from trying. For I know I will regret if I did not even try for myself.

It’s hard, people says. But I never thought it would be THIS hard. It’s tough, to go against what has been planned for you. And sometimes you wonder, if you were making the right choice.

Maybe this is what they call the quarter life crisis. HAHAHA.


Back Again

I have always imagined myself sitting around in Starbucks with my laptop and a mug dark mocha frap, looking at people, searching for inspiration. Today here I am, doing the above, I look at people walked past me, I see each individuals’ expressionless faces, I see no inspirations.  I am disappointed.

I look ahead, I see a few students plugged in with their heads down mugging for their exams. I turned around, I see a few OL queuing up for their lunch snacks. They are so busy. 

I have nothing to do, literally.



Okay. So spring time is here in Beijing, not for long I guess. Facebook is an excellent platform to keep in contact with your friends all over the world and ironically, it’s also a good source to make frustrate you over littlest things like the luxury of eating char Kway tiao, Hokkien mee, laksa, nasi lemak etc. And recently I get really zeaaalous of friends who travelled either Korea or Japan OR BOTH just to catch Sakuraaaaaaaa. Some even caught geisha walking on the streets of Kyoto.

RIGHT. All I have here in Beijing is POLLUTED SMOGGY AIR, spits, and BIRD FLU.

Yay, bird flu.

So one day… THAT one day when the sky was ridiculously blue and clear of smog, I HAD TO–I JUST HAD TO grab my camera and cabbed down to 玉渊潭(Yu yuan tan park) where it’s known for its Sakura blossoms…FLOWWWWERRS.

And yes, I get my fair share of Sakuraaaaaaaas raining down my ginormous head. very cool.