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if the amount of tears could be collected, I’ve teared a river.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!! <3


how do you say it in chinese ah? 感恩节快乐

I’m actually multi-tasking at this moment. I’m listening (attentively) in class (yup at 9pm)and typing this. Mwahahahhaa.

So tell me how can i give thanks wholeheartedly in times like this?  Braving the strong winds and long chilly walk to school from my place and having lesson at this inhumane hour. oh jeez.

As usual…. gonna set aside those unhappy feelings and put in more effort to feel extra happy today……yeah just today –keeding–

donned in an extra sized NorthFace Winter Jacket, i feel like a dodo-fishball. diong diong~ on the street.



Stuffed Chicken placed in 250 Degree C oven for 45-50minutes. it turned out AWESOME AS FUCK OMG!!!! meat was so TENDER AND JUICY. Jeez. Imma genius 😉

The thingy above is turkey breast wrapped with japanese mushroom–金针菇– Oh damn. It was SO GOOD.

Spag with homemade sauce&mushroom soup! Jeez. So good!

Been so long since i had like such good western foodssss……. I love myself! hahaha

Compared to last year thanksgiving……

KFC at Duncan’s place with chen and his roomies. My first thanksgiving away from home , in beijing. Had a really good time together. Those were the days when we saw each other almost everyday!

and on the following friday, we had another thanksgiving celebrations with F@O team. Love everyone there! and i remember i cooked chicken rice for all! and some made really yummy potato salad that i simply cannot take my hands off!

Back were those days when I was really close with friends from F@O. Now that it’s a new semester, everyone has either gone back home or went to other parts of China to continue their mission in life.

Many things to give thanks for, the bad and the good. In general, im just thankful for what I have. Whether in beijing or back at home.

OH DARN. i forgot to call back home. my grandma must be complaining loads to my mom. we’ll see! haha.



Freedom….comes with GREAT…….?


Cliche..but true! I do not know what’s going on other people’s lives…. but I do know what’s going on in mine.

I’m an Asian…I grew up with Tiger Grandparents, not mom. I remember when I was in primary school, I had to go home once I finished school. Going out with friends after school was NEVER ONCE on my list. Though I remember, I lied to my grandma one afternoon after school that I will be having an “urgent remedial” and had to stay till evening. She believed me, of course.. And I stayed in school to play hopscotch with friends. That was a luxury then. I enjoyed staying out of house and I continued that lie UNTIL    the end of the year where my grandma found out thru the parent-teacher meeting session that I lied about having remedial every week. Since then, my gandma got suspicious of me everytime i told i will be having remedial every week unless i bring home those consent forms for my mom to sign to PROVE that i REALLY have remedial -.-

Speaking of my mom, yeah, she doesn’t play an important role in disciplining me. It’s all the job of my grandparents. If i EVER failed a subject….i’d run to my mom and BEGGED her not to tell my grandparents and made her sign the paper and if she DOESNT, i will stuff the test paper under my bed and pretend that it’s eaten up by dogs. 

So back to story, my grandma was really strict to me. She used those really tiger moms’ methods to discipline me. So, after that incident..i know i had to be a good girl and “earn” the trust back.

I took literally a good 4 years to “earn” back the trust. The first time I was able to go out for lunch with my friends at ChinaTown was when i was secondary 2. I remember so clearly how I felt that day. I was chancing and just asked candidly if i could go out and have lunch with my friends just a few bus stops away from school…and i will return home as soon as im done. Like… you gotta promise something you will do after receiving the treat. That was the start of having freedom.

I cherished every moment out with friends lest I lose the chance of doing so.

Then I started working in a childcare center. Life wasn’t fantastic at that moment. Nobody thinks you have the ability to work when you’re 14, they think you can only work in Macdonalds or KFC as server.So the first year was…S-H-I-T. I had to sweep the floor, clean the toys, disinfect the mats, take out the sleeping mats and stuffs like that. It was basically a sai-kang job. hahha. I started to earn money….and being a 14 year old, i gave all the money I earned to my grandma. I think it was because of that action, my grandma felt kinda 欣慰 that at least I dint turn out to be ah lian. hahaaha.

And one day, my grandma had a talk with me. She said something along this line — do things only when you know you can bear the consequences whether it’s good or bad. — Never turned back since that sentence.

And now, based in beijing for my studies….my grandparents are better to me. hahaha. okay, i mean, they love me and not that they are bad to me….i just meant…..they are less strict. or maybe…..cus they are a lot older now…. 很多事情都看开了….

Looking back to those times when i got caned and had to go to school with cane marks on my calves for weeks, the grudges I had then has vanished and whats left is gratitude towards my grandparents. Those experiences were painful …and even awful to think about sometimes, yet they are what make me today.

I do not sit with my legs opened ‘cus my grandpa will cane and/or slap my knees.

I do not slurp when i eat ‘cus my grandpa will TSK and stare at me and if i dont get him, i get the real deal of getting scolded at the dinner table.

I do not put my elbow on the dinner table because that’s a sign of disrespectful…

etc etc etc

and when i see other people doing those stuffs , i smiled and thank God that my grandpa taught me the right things if not i would be looking/sounding like those uncouth people.

my family. dysfunctional. different from others…but still awesome.

end of post! and ….没有重点. HAHAHAHA


The Moment

Have you ever felt that the world stopped for a moment?

My world stopped for more than a moment when my baby first showed me those lil cards he asked his students to make for me.

I felt as if I’m the most loved person in this entire universe..

The first thing he said to me was ” Do you mind me sitting beside you?” And he came over … with a file in his hands…and handed it over to me and said shyly ” This is for you”

I opened the file… and it was filled with all these cards handmade by his students.

My heart twitched…and I had to control my tear ducts.

and he said ” I would be honored to be able to call you my girlfriend…”

I wished so bad that I can go back in time and hug this man of mine 🙂


x keeks

Nanjing Trip Apr-May 2011

Hello Earthlings! As you can see from the title of the post, this Nanjing Trip happened earlier this year and is like what? 8 months ago? Hahahaha. Lame I know. But I just want to document this trip down somewhere where I can sit down with my laptop when Im bored with my life.

This trip is slightly more significant than the others ‘cus this is the first trip i made with my boyfriend and also the first trip out of Beijing eversince im in this shithole. Har Har.

I hope my memory doesn’t fail on me while writing this(;

We had a 3days 2 nights vacation to Nanjing over the labour day holiday. We took Train-D to Nanjing and it was about 9 hours. It was the most horrendous 9 hours of my life. Well, i’ve taken coaches to KL / Genting/ Malacca and these 9 hours werent even close to what I experienced previously. The train is nice but the people? not so. So I did not know that there’s such thing called the “standing space” ticket. It means that you buy a space in the train to…s-t-a-n-d. Like wtf?

Okay. So the tickets are categorized into hard seating/soft seating/hard sleeper/soft sleeper. Obviously the cheapest being the “hard-seating”… oh no, cheapest should be the standing space. Lame. Okay, so the hard seating in that train is the same as soft-seating very similar to the  seats in coaches to malaysia. What was really uncomfortable in the train was that we took an overnight train from Beijing , so technically we should be sleeping during that period of time. But dumb personals in the train did not switch off the lights throughout the whole ride. It was really.. a torture. And those people standing in the train made hell loads of noises. Oh god. I wished I could just alight the train. So matt and I did not sleep well…In fact, i did not really sleep during the train….and I was totally wrecked.

We arrived at Nanjing finally and spent a significant amount of time finding the motel. haha. that’s the really down point of not having an iphone. Qingdao trip was much better with an iphone! haha

We took a short nap and head
ed out to what’s famous in Nanjing…it’s called the 夫子庙. something like Bugis street in Singapore…Lil shops sitting beside each other selling stuffs.ER…. it wasnt that fantastic for me. Im not a scenic and historic person like matt.. so I only paid attention to things like….shops selling different kinds of weird things.haha. I don’t recall anything in particular that attracted my attention then. Oh, maybe a few turtles on the streets.

We hopped over to a park near 夫子庙.

Walked a great amount and we headed off to have some desserts at haagen dazz. It cost a bomb! Wtf. It’s more expensive than Singapore and there were quite many chinese there! Wah lao. all so rich! One scoop of raspberry sorbet was about……39rmb!(8 sgd) and it was a teeny weeny scoope lor. Matt had a coke float or something. hahaha I don’t  remember how much it was, but the total bill was 70 plus rmb including tax.blah! so ex!

and we continued to “explore” that area…. and reached the “real” 夫子庙. As a very historical person, matt wanted to go in…and so we did! i remember very vividly how I teased him for having to pay full amount and I don’t have to ‘cus I have my student card with me! Muhahah… So we got ourselves a free tour guide to tour around the temple like place. The tour guide was…bad :/ i think seeing  angmohs will generally gives an impression that his chinese isn’t that good and by hearing my fucked up chinese didnt make things any better. haha. There was an episode where i remember we were being brought to this lil hut for some prayer thing. Matt sat down and saw those donations others made, he struggled to tell the man that he’s a student … and is poor that he couldnt afford a few hundreds donations like the others did. His expression was epic. hahah

After the boring tour around the temple, we went to have our boat ride! hahhaa. Matt needed to pee since the start of the ride…..and the ride was an  hour. hahahaha He rushed to the nearest MCD for toilet.

Hmm, Nanjing is famous for their ducks…….. don’t know why and i did not even bother to look it up on the internet. So we went to have what Chuanting raved about when she was there the last time-Duck blood soup.. It was…….. alright. Really. It tasted like pig blood with a lighter taste.

Guess we headed back to motel after. OHOH, we were quite amused by some ice ball syrup…to be exact, it was only matt. I was excited cus it looked something a lot like ice kachang! hehe.
The second day, we went to have a heavy brunch. Had some braised duck thing(yeah duck again) and some other stuffs which i cannot remember at the moment. We walked quite far from our motel to that ulu place to have brunch. Sigh. Why we so gung ho? After that we took a cab to Zhong Shan something something. it’s one of those touristy place in Nanjing …. hmm, like a mountain or what.

It was a torturous walk/climb. the weather in nanjing already suck so much that its

so hot and humid…imagine its like climbing bukit timah hills … replace the slope with stairs. wah lao. want to die. So i bought a 扇子before heading up. I don’t exercise much while im in beijing so……my stamina is shitified. and know what’s the best thing? we realised that we were at the wrong side of the mountain while we were up high… sian–right? wtf!!!!!!

Okay nevermind, I got a lil quite pissy ‘cus it was SO HOT!!!! we decided not to head over to

the “right” side of the mountain and hopped into a 黑车(unlicensed cab) and went to yet another touristy place called……博爱. i forgot what is that about….but in a nutshell…nanjing is famous for their salted duck and this 博爱thingy. Maybe ..just maybe i will try and look that up in google later this week. heh.

that took like what? 3/4 of our day 2. We headed back to motel to rest. And headed to somewhere famous for its nightlife. Forgot where is that….but i remember having some “lion head” balls. wahahaa. cus it was quite late by the time we reached there, that was one of the very few choices left. Boo! But it was quite nice lah!

So we walked around the area and bam! home sweet home!

Day 3 was our last day in nanjing. we had like almost a full day ‘cus the train back to beijing is at night… We chop chop finished packing our stuffs , checked out and left our things at the counter and left!

We rolled over to the place we had dinner the night before, and had pizza for our brunch. We had starbucks afterwhich and someone told us that there’s this famous lake and its FREE ADMISSION..haha so matt and i rushed over there. oh i remember now, it’s called the 玄武湖. we rented a boat and sailed out to the lake alone. GUESS WHAT? our boat epicly stopped working in the middle of the lake… hahaha…… we panicked and well……i don’t know how…we just managed to ….float back.. :/ hahaa

Then back to motel to take our things and ate our last meal in Nanjing……..and said bye bye to Nanjing!

wha. the train back to beijing was…………. a nightmare!….

sigh…. I hoped so terribly to exit the damn train so much! boo! hahaha.

that’s the end of my nanjing trip!

and also,  we managed to steal the token used for the train ride. fun times.

OhOHOHOH. during this trip…. it coincided with our first month together…So I made a card for matt and put it under his camera near the bedside.AND GUESS WHAT THIS BUGGER DID? he did not even realise that and I had to tell him…” happy one month baby. did you even realise i made something for you?” stupid moron boyfriend. always spoil my surprises. sigh. My life.

my boyfriend. unappreciative. 😛

P/S to myself: Happened quite sometime ago…photos are jumbled. go iphoto see better. hahaha

x keeks