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Long Distance Relationship I

Hello!!!Happy New Year’s Eve’s EVE~~!!!

Are you ready for the NEW year?


………end of world?……..


I don’t know about YOU, I’m hella eggcited for the new year. I simply CANNOT wait to have this year be OVER …like NOW. Just because I look forward to any good things that will happen in 2012. I believe good>bad in 2012. Have faith. lol!

So the main point of this post is Long Distance Relationship.

If you know me , you would have long ago knew that I’m dealing with LDR at the moment.

some people classified me under “geographically single”—-Do you agree on this particular term used?

Geographically single…hmm. Witty.

Let’s take a look at my relationship with matt GEOGRAPHICALLY k

so basically the orangey line from a part of china called Beijing(sorry, i know it should be further in a lil. but srsly, do i have to be that exact?) to an island in America called Long beach(i supposed LB is an!)

while the green line is from Singapore (yeah, so small that the world decides to omit the name. so to LB.

It’s kinda sad that im actually FURTHER away from matt when I’m back in Singapore , and is not-so-much-nearer- in Beijing.

that’s far uh? >10,000kilometers away ?

But I DO NOT classified under geographically single. In fact, I don’t see myself being in the “single” category as long as I’m together with Matt. I have this theory that once you considered yourself as “single” in any point of your relationship, you ARE in danger.

Yah, in danger of being eaten by lions.

Listen, that’s MY theory.

I don’t know how you see LDR in your own light. As far as I know, LDR is freaking hard. Not only true to myself but also to many of my friends around me.

I have a friend whom recently broke up with his GF from another country. The reason was “too tired”.

He’s right, LDR is indeed tiring. Not only that it’s tiring, it’s frustrating, it’s painful.

I’m not going to lie, I do not like LDR…in a single bit. I throw childish tantrums at Matt from time to time, I get pissed off with him easier than ABC..etc etc. But I’m so thankful that Matt took all these childish acts from me in his stride MOST OF THE TIME. haha. Sometimes he will just be an asshole to me back and we will begin our “wars”.

But each time we came out of those fights as a stronger couple—even if we are apart from each other.

We are “inseparable” in a lot of ways. Maybe that’s because we are apart or still in honeymoon period or whatever you may think of.Even when we are away, the only time that we will stop talking is when I sleep/he sleeps or when we are doing work. Other than that, we are on Whatsapp/iMessage or Facetime.

Which boils down to him going on cruise.



theres no internet/wifi on cruise. even if have, its so fucking expensive.

which means, we cannot speak to each other the usual way. so yeah.

THANKFULLY, he’s ending the trip tomorrow. Heehee. Back to our usuals 😀

SO yeah….LDR sucks, but i want this guy of mine. So Imma tolerate all these shits.

Goodnight Loves. Time for me to mug.





Few things I wanna keep myself reminded:

1) finish the Qingdao Post. God damn these photos. It must be to due to the internet here . blah!

2) get my muggings going on




ok……….lemme get back to my studies……



OH YAH. what are you doing for New year’s eve? ^^

Merry Christmas&A Boxing Day!!!!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


My Christmas Eve was an emotional one ‘cus I just felt so bleh where everyone has their partners while mine is so faraway and started to wallow in my own sadness. hahaha!

Prolly ‘cus my baby is going for his cruise that day too. haha. Like, meh. why aint you here with me on Xmas eve !!! ahha :p

Lo and behold. hahaha. Imma exclaim to the world that I received the BEST xmas gift. heh. Yes, mine was better than yours and i dont freaking care 😛







80usd. what the fuckery.

my boyfriend spent 80usd on 120minutes(…..)

heh. very sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

 i thought that was too crazy. so crazy. i mean, why wifi so expensive? 80USD for 800minutes ,I can slightly understand…..but 120minutes , they earn like siao please. gundos.

okay fine you tell me the cruise is in the middle of the ocean, OKAY FINE.i just wanna bitch, cannot is it. lame.

(credits:my boy)

So this is the bloody big cruise he’s on without wifi. (ok lah. maybe all the cruise in the world doesnt have wifi ok. i don’t knw and is lazy to google.)

So How did the big dumbo(me) spent her xmas? 

well. it was a quiet xmas compared to last year…. we had so much fun last year doing all sorts of things.

this year…i just spent my xmas at home doing essays(and is embarking on a new one now :x)

and went out to have a fucking cb dinner with my singaporean friend.

(Credits: my boy)

So he spent his xmas on this CRUISE wtf. a rich man’s life 😛

while i….



I tried so hard to lead a luxury life. HAHA.

but failed.

HAhahaha. fucking expensive xmas dinner. omg.

thankfully i paid like…10% of the bill…but still ex 😦

That’s why im staying in tonight to fast away my guilt last night.


and my baby is happily living his good life by….





(credits: my boy)


everyday can ogle at bikini chio bu!!!!!!!


gonna end here. need to write more essays. Meh.

Merry X’mas again you lil lovelies! 

p/s: its so difficult to blog in China. meh. internet speed soooo slow *_*

Merry Xmas Eve


Last year’s Xmas I was single. and I had an amazing time partying with my friends. walking down streets with couples were normal.

As I walked along the streets in sanlitun this year, I cannot help but to feel upset. Not single, yet lonelier than before.

envious just by seeing couples walking down the streets with their balloons (lol wtf weird culture)

sitting down at the sidewalk here watching people walked past me in this chilly weather seemed quite wtf. but just didnt want to go home. friends needed to study for exams(heck) friends had their other halves to accompany. lol wtf. I sounded so wtf.

silent prayer that goes…. may this be the last time i see myself so vulnerable.

Blessed Xmas eve!:)


I watched Glee Season 3 “First Time” where Finn and Rachel had sex for the first time.

Senario goes:

Rachel: You’re special because I’m going to give you something nobody is going to ever have

Finn: You don’t have to do this….

Rachel:(said something regarding the first time they TRIED to have sex when rachel wanted it for all the wrong reason)

Finn replied her : ….and now?

Rachel: And now I’m just a girl who wants to remember this night for the rest of our lives..


That made me question about bringing relationship to a sexual level.

I’ve different groups of friends who have different views on “when is exactly the right time to have sex” and recently I did a survey regarding sexuality in Beijing.

Most of the chinese’s responses were ” when you are able to take responsibility” and for some “while one is fully developed” (i don’t know if that refers to physically or emotionally….hmmm…undeveloped penis/breast? :x)

So lets just categorize my groups of friends : no pre-marital sex, long-term relationship sex, casual sex, pure fun sex

Actually from the look of it…’s kinda common hor?

Sex means differently for people…. Personally, sex IS important to me and giving my virginity to the right man is my TOP priority. However that do not discourage from having pre-marital sex. Okay I mean, make the right decision…my definition of right decision is…when you know…you will NOT bang your head onto the wall when you break up with your boyfriend after giving him your virginity (if that ever happens lah), when you can envision a future with him for a long term…..

aiya basically, you know you will have NO regrets.

that’s MY definition….

Most importantly….just use protection lah okay. Do not end up with pregnancy scares!


What a topic! 没重点again! HAHAHAHAHAH



First Snow in BJ

don’t know if you guys notice when you sign into…

There are snowflakes!!!!

That inspired me to blog about the first snow in Beijing for the year 2011 and also, my FIRST snow in my 21 years of life.

ImageThis is taken from my window…So pretty hor? I mean like, every morning i wake up to a disgusting piece of shit view…..but on this day..i woke up to a WHITE BEIJING!

Everything 顿时become so pretty….

Imagethis is the view of the estate’s garden. so pretty! aye…so not beijing! iLove! 🙂

ImageSoft snow….. they melt right onto your hand…. So pretty….!!!!!!

Doesn’t it look pretty here? Sure it does not look like the disgusting shithole i see everyday …..Taken in School.



Having snow is something cool about living in a four seasons country….I mean, yah, Singapore has 4 four seasons too…like rainy season, sunny season, hot season and cold season. okay, i dont make sense.

Maybe this is the post i will read again when I have my usual meltdown about Beijing……….


&also…the cold im experiencing right now is….fucked…….. URGHS….


there’s always 2 sides of a coin…………>.<