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I really don’t know what I’m doing

I apologize for weird headings all the time 

Wow. for the past 5 months, I have yet to experience such fast speed internet. It took literally less than 20 seconds to have my photos uploaded. What does it tell you……Singapore is forever better than China….in some ways.

Like I kinda like Beijing’s cooling weather…(Note, Cooling. not freezing) Singapore’s humility is killing me….. It makes me so hot and sticky. Eww, have to take like 2 showers per day. Oh did I mention that I do not have to shiver in the bathroom right after I come out from the cubicle ? yeah. You get the idea. Either this or that. Your life is balanced like that. Not too much happiness nor sadness. Life should be like that. Why does that statement reminds me of China? Eh. I did not mention that China caused economics imbalance….. Opps. Did I say something I should not? Hee.

So I came back from Beijing a few days ago…. and I’m totally loving my life here. Like, seriously. Even though the weather made me sweat like dog….(Digress a lil, have you ever had this experience whereby you tried to type Dog and you ended up typing God? and when you wanna type GOD, you ended up typing DOG? Oops, that just happened again…..unintentionally.)

As random as I am, I’ve created something…………….ahahaahahhaa.. tell me if you know what that is.

I just find it amusing that I have such “artistic” talent I dun even know. Lol



wow so artistic! People said that you’ve reached an artistically awesome level when you don’t know what they are drawing/painting/creating. Yeah….I can totally relate to that….’Cus i simply have no idea what the fuck I just did there. 


Thanks for reading my random post. Bye.





Greetings from Singapore !!!


hello you ! Back in Sg since Saturday!!!!!! will post up entries soon soon soooooon!

Young Sex

Before you start to think I’m engaged in some weird pedophile sex—no. I just finished watching a very disturbing video regarding CHILDREN-MALE PROSTITUTION .

Then you thought I must have googled something like ” CHILDREN PORNOGRAPHY” to pleasure myself— no again-_-”

or like my friend who said “So you have been searching male prostitution ?” when i sent him the link on fb chat

Oei…what lah. people post on facebook mah—cannot click and watch meh? need to be searching for something to be watching something? Lame lor you people!!!!!

Back to my topic.

This is my first time posting  youtube video here….. So i dont know if you can actually view it right here…

But if you do not, then this is the link 

I have to confess that I do not know male prostitution exists. Okay, it should be, I do not know CHILDREN male prostitution exists. I suppose gigolos are somewhat similar to male prostitution, right? So, I was mortified WHILE watching this video…and exclaiming to myself ” Oh my gosh!  Finger the ass? What?!? Customers are guys!? What?!?!”

So I thought their “clients” are ladies….and felt grossed out about those women who chose to be fucked by these kids.Like, they must be really desperate to pay and have themselves sexually engaged with these children. &wonder if these women are psychopaths.

and it turned out that…their……clients are GUYS.



Honestly, Im freaking enraged with those CLIENTS’ behaviors. Seriously… why would you want to scar a kid’s life like that? Or shall I put it this way, how the fuck did they manage to get an orgasm having a kid giving them blowjob? Are they sickos? Pedophiles?

I feel so sad for these kiddos. TBH, do you want your kiddos to end up like this? I know they work for money. They are working for their FAMILIES, FRIENDS etc. If i have the ability, I definitely will want to scour their parents out. Why. WHY ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO BE DOING SUCH ACTS? WHY THERE ISN’T ANYONE TO HELP KIDDOS WHO LOST THEIR PARENTS? WHY WHY WHY. Sigh.

What has this world becoming to? I wish…powerpuff girls are real….to save these kiddos….from their misery…

Emo nemo

Oh the January Babie(s)

Happy Birthday(s) to both of my darling girls.

(A) Jasmine Low

(B) Cheng Hooi Sze

Blessed 22nd to my awesome friend I met while I was in temasek poly.

I’m sincerely sorry that I’ve missed two of your birthdays now:(

Will continue to miss the next one , too. Hahaha.

Talking cock with you was my fav thing to do in the lecture theatre and always criticizing your long and cursive handwriting because it was hard for me to read while copying your notes. HAHA.

Gonna be awhile before the 4 of us get together again like how we used to drive down to ikea for meatballs. Nevertheless, I cherish our friendship and I know that I will be able to spend more upcoming birthdays with you&clique 🙂




Hahaha. This was taken on 6th Feb 2011 , on Jessy’s 21st Birthday which I made it back home for! ❤



Blessed Birthday to my friend in Beijing!

It’s a great joy knowing and …. WOW, this is the second birthday i’ve celebrated with you! Wow wow wow

Time indeed flies!

Still remember how I went to XinSong Apartment to pass you your 20th present.

and then, Yesterday i went to the unit BESIDE my house to launch an attack on you.


Thanks for being there when I needed someone to whine and bitch to when I have my usual meltdowns of beijing. thank you! will hunt for your 21st birthday present when I’m back! 🙂

Blessed birthday! hhahahaa

We had exams today…..and we drank bad wine ytd. I was feeling shit after the bad wine. Wine from ikea, cheap…and bad :c

Of course, thanks Peini for the cake and thoughts.(Y)


Cheers everyone!

XX Keeks

A road less traveled

Many people ask “Kiki, you dislike China, why here then?”, “Kiki, have you given enough thoughts on this(coming to china)?!”…and lots more kiki~~~~

Almost all of my friends think that I’m doing something that very few people would have done in their sane selves, i thought so too. Until I was proven wrong when I’ve gotten here. There SO MANY foreigners dying to learn chinese here. SO MANY of them dying to stay in Beijing.

so, whats WRONG now?

is there something wrong with ME? or…them?!

Clearly, neither sides were wrong. Just different perspectives.

TOBEHONEST, i’m REALLY interested in those 5000 years of history China possessed. I’m beyond fascinated with the people, with the culture in the past.

Yeah, it’s so true that you cannot have everything in BULK, you know? Like the saying goes, “Eat in moderation”

Ever sine I was here, I was—instead of being fascinated—disgusted. Like, how did these people live. How can they survive in this city with such notorious pollution, how can they live with streets full of spits?



truth to be told, I was mortified when I was coming back from my Nanjing trip last year. the toilets were AWFUL. It wasnt that disgusting only because I do not see maggots start crawling out…… Does it actually gives you goosebumps as you read this? :/ so EW.

&I observed the train after my awful trip to the toilet. Most of the travelers are actually hmm….not that educated…i supposed?

Do not get me wrong here. I do not dislike China because it is poor, uneducated and whatever reason you thought is the reason

I generally do not like China Chinese Female Nationals.. Wait for it, I have my reasons.

These people come to my lil island and stand along Chinatown or Geylang or whichever place possible to have HOOKUPS with guys old enough to be their grandfathers…..


Yes, really.

Oh, it’s common to hear someone get their retired pension cheated by these people. Now we blame it on the stupidity of those victims.

and Yes, you’re right, Im prejudice against them(not the victims)

It’s like someone A does charity for close to three decades and suddenly people found out that this person has been embezzling with company’s funds. This person has been doing good for THREE DECADES and because of ONE issue, he get condemned of his crime and not get recognized for what he did that most people will not.

So just imagine something that’s not morally acceptable to begin with, will that prejudice be easily removed? I do not know.

I cannot say that wow, im loving china right now. but I’ve been doing my best to overlook those flaws to see the inner beauty:/ of china. To see through the superficial parts of the human beings in this city of mine.

aiyo. duno what’s my point again. just like to blabber….especially…when i have an exam tomorrow -.-


hope you people had great holidays! 🙂 back to work hor? mooo mooo the sky is so blue 🙂 aha



Happy New Year All!

Happy New Year

Blessed 2012 ahead!

Closing Chapter

I should have closed this chapter yesterday. But I was away and busy (pigging out and counting down). I had 2 countdowns this year. One in the Beijing Time zone, other in the New York Time zone.


Simply because I’m in Beijing right now and my boy is in New York. And so we had our countdown over FaceTime.

That’s Technology. We can even countdown together over iPhones for FREE and looking at each other. Hahaha.

2011 had been a good and bad year.

I met my baby boy;done with freshmen year;embarked on a LDR.

ha ha ha

hope 2012 will be a good year for all.

Health….. Dreams…..Passion…