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It will stop…until…..

General Elections 2011 had created a uproar.Presidential election, too. Now, I’m not very sure….if SunXu hit jackpot with his “dog” comment.

As technology advanced, our lives changed too. We have significantly grown to become more outspoken. Maybe….we all already know…the power we hold.

And Yes, I’ve read SO SO SO many articles about the current SunXu incident. Tweets, blogs, news—Everywhere.

I had a conversation with my malaysian friend just this afternoon regarding this issue during lecture


Me: Have you heard about the recent PRC student uproar in Singapore?

Friend: Yup. Heard from my rommie. Like my rommie said, I don’t know why Singaporeans are creating such a scene. He apologized , yeah?

Me:  * blah blah about scholarships and stuffs*

Friend: then it’s the government’s problem already what

Okay. In my humble opinion, I think the point is not about how trivial this incident is, in fact, its about how SunXu had dealt with this at the very beginning and also because he had been sponsored for his education since secondary school(FREE EDUCATION) which the majority of the local students had to pay for.

I can relate to the outcries of those articles circulating around on the net. As a student, as a singaporean, as the Y-generation ——I feel them.

But I definitely do not agree to what our MP Mr Baey Yam Keng had said.

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Infuriated. I know our MP Mr Baey meant all good. But am I the only one who felt that even though he apologized, he still TRIED to prove his point right? Seriously, am I the only one?

Urm…I was definitely not hurt but insulted.  Like…. are we moronic?

I am learning to appreciate my government, you know?

You want to give scholarships and free educations to all people except your own, okay, no choice, government’s decision.

You want to give out easy PRs to people (even with fake certs)—fine. you go ahead.

and yet at times like this, no government bodies stand out to say something.  OH…Mr Baey said something…..we had to reflect.

We’ve chosen YOU to be OUR government because we TRUST you can protect YOUR PEOPLE’s interest.

It’s just like your mother being biased towards other kids and exclaimed ” AIYO WHY YOU SO CUTE! CUTER THAN MY DAUGHTER./AIYO WHY YOU SO SMART! SMARTER THAN MY SON!”

Like Mr Baey had said in his statement “im trying to give the benefit of doubt” to my mother’s exclamation. Maybe that’s because she HAD to do that in front of other parents, but she will never know, those words had already damaged parts of the child’s heart.

The whole episode boils down to the government. One thing I know for sure, we are unhappy. Unhappy with how tax payers money have been used to nurture somebody who had just recently bitten our butts.

I know nuts about strategies in providing scholarships for these foreign students,  I just want to say….. with lesser scholarships given out, more money could be channeled to providing more tuition subsidy for local students. Singaporeans will always have a heart of a Singaporean. There’s a saying goes, roots go deep.

I am no expert in politics or whatsoever, but I know…if we continue to get slapped in the ass by those people whom Singapore has been providing free education or jobs or whatsoever, and nobody speak up for us….We’ll definitely flock to those people who will speak up for their own people 5 years later.

We’re living in the 21st century. Games are being played in a different manner.

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In a confused state…Booo


That’s the thing.

Read that the PRC scholar Sun Xu apologized.

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We, have been taught to bear the consequences of our own actions.

Having apologized, does not mean that you can escape from shouldering the consequences of insulting the people of the country whom had spent a lump sum of money (sgd 175,000 est. per scholar) nurturing you.

It’s just like hitting someone on the face. No matter how many times you’ve apologized, it is still up to the person whom you’ve punched to decide whether or not he/she wants to charge you with assault. You may be forgiven, but still have to be taught a lesson. That’s fair, right?

So….what’s the protest about dear PRC students?

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Did Sun Xu really <s>scold</s> say Singaporeans are Dogs?

Answer is Yes.

What kind of derogatory words he used to describe Singaporeans?

Answer is 挫逼、瘪三

He appeared to be nonchalant and to me, he appeared to be very 理直气壮 regarding this matter. It’s only until he got bombarded with Singaporeans , then he was scared and so which was why he seek help from the Chinese Embassy.

父母不是都从小教导我们 做错了事要勇于面对与负责吗?

It’s a fact that damage has been done.

What kinda damage?

A damage to his reputation. A damage to Singapore’s reputation.

Why Singapore’s reputation? Eh hello, you spent so much money on these scholar and expect them to do good for Singapore, but ended up kena bite so hard at the backside. Very shiok meh.

Also, a lot of people blogged ” Two Junior College students in Singapore had been expelled from School immediately when they kissed in the canteen” You can say that’s 败坏学校的名声.

I vaguely remember there was another of this case whereby another PRC blogged on his renren account about singaporeans after the soccer match between China and Singapore. It’s somewhere along this line : No matter how bad we are in soccer/studies, we still have singaporeans to 垫底(Meaning to say, we’re always at the bottom to cushion them) What happened in the end, I do not know. I did not find out more.

But the point is, SunXu has to undertake the consequences behind his actions.

Be it having to be expelled from NUS, he has to take it in stride.

To other PRC students who might just hit the roof after reading this, I’m sorry, just imagine if some foreigners posted nasty status about Chinese nationals in China, and calling them offensive names and later defend themselves with things like ” I was just complaining” I’m 200% sure, the chinese will gather all their 1billion population to attack that someone.

Always remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

It’s the same. Take it in stride honeys.

Whatever happens to Sun Xu, I wish him all good and hopefully he’s the living testimony to other PRC scholars.


Oh…what more can I say?

Today… i read another bullshit about how chinese people degrade Singaporeans. Honestly, what’s up with that?

Haven’t you heard of 做人要饮水思源?

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Yet another scholar whom Singapore government had sponsored since 2006 trashed Singaporeans. Awesome.

I’m a Singaporean. Yes, when people bumped onto me sometimes, I will stare hard at them. But not when they apologize.

That’s the thing , boy. There’s a difference. What difference is there, you may ask.

99% of the people who bumped onto me apologized. That’s mannerism.

Senario A. At Dhoby Ghaut exchange platform during peak period. There bound to have a few people rushing for their lives. And some will inevitably bumped onto you with their handbags….or shoulders or arms. Most of those times, people will turn back nod their head and whisper sorry.

That’s Singaporeans I’m talking about. However, when chinese do that to you.. You will realized you’ll become extremely angry. Why? They just don’t bother. Yup.

How do I know they are chinese nationals? By their dressings, by their accents.

On my recent trip back to Singapore for a short term vacation, I was at chinatown MRT waiting for the train towards punggol. I heard this term “Sha bi” (傻逼)-means stupid cunt- I would have no idea what that means if I’m not studying here in china. I turned back and saw this middle aged chinese woman wearing pink pearl necklace ,black lacy tight dress and ankle boots with crystals cursed shabi under her breath. Observed a lil. Realized two aunties were discussing about her. Not for no reason…BUT because this woman actually cut their queue while waiting for the train to come.

This is what we call 恶人先告状.

Okay.. So back to the topic. Yup.

Have these chinese ever thought about their behaviors? Have they? They called Singaporeans self centered, disgusting, irritating, etc. What about themselves? (I’m not implying anything)


My house back in the SG is near Lil India. Yah, I don’t really like them too. But I have to admit that they are very courteous. When i shop in mustafa, they said ” Sorry excuse.Can I take a look?” , they apologized for cutting the queue unintentionally and re-queue. That’s admirable.

Chinese leh? They cut your queue like they own the counters, very 理所当然-ly. They speak so loudly that they actually got themselves hated by the commuters.

I was on the skytrain from T3 to gate 16 on the day I return for beijing. This group of chinese women were speaking so loudly, indulging in their own accents were being harshly “scolded” by a group of indonesians and one of the aunties looked at my direction and said ” Really don’t know how to speak without shouting know!So noisy! cannot hear the announcement !.”Are we, as singaporeans prejudiced against them? Apparently not so. Other nationalities too. Why, you tell me?

I don’t know about others, but my personal opinion is that, it is their own people who create those unhealthy reputation about their own nationality. I have chinese friends back in SG. I’m not anti-chinese to the extent that im not having any chinese friends, at all. Also, there’s something called the freedom of speech. We all know. What opinions you have, we have no control.

Sigh. I dont really know what im talking. I’m so upset. Sigh.


Am I really Prejudiced against Them?

If you have been reading my blog, you would have realize at the very least, that despite being living in Beijing at the moment, I do not really embrace the people here.

Do let me explain myself.

Firstly, I do not dislike them for NO reason.

There is. Aplenty.

I grew up in Singapore all my life. I saw how chinatown evolved from a “PG” district to a “R21” district. I remember how my grandma would hold my hand and walk across the overhead bridge and all I saw were lil kids like me running around with their grandparents, blowing bubbles or spinning tops(Topspins). When I was in secondary school, all I remember was skimpy chinese woman lingering around the overhead bridge with ah peks (old men/old uncles).I refrained from using that bridge. Not that those ah peks would ogle at  a nerdy schoolgirl like me, but ‘cus of the awkwardness while you walked across the bridge. Ah peks will keep caressing the women’s thighs and doing all those disgusting PDAs. I mean, dude, a 50-60 year old touching legs of 25-40 year old…. Ugh, the mental image.

So, you might think I’m OUT OF MY MIND. How is that possible to dislike them so much JUST SO BECAUSE they are old and they are dating.

You know I’m pretty sure I would allow my grandpa/grandma to find their second love, if they ever divorce, ya?

Here’s the deal: These chinese women usually target lao(old) ah peks. Why? Simple. In singapore we have something called the CPF (Central Provident Fund). Lest you still do not understand after reading, then may I just simply say, it’s our own savings saved by the government after we’ve started working. Ha! So you may start to ask, so? whats my point, right?

TAAADAAAA…. the point is,we get to receive them when we are old. As far as I could remember, the initial age to get the money was 60. N0w 65, i think. And I think that initially they get their CPF savings in a lump sum. And I think that after too many ah peks kena cheated of their savings by chinese women or —okay lets be fair here, some gambled their money away. And I think the government then came up with this rule saying that , Yo, we’ve decided to let you have a choice, either you can take out a lump some, or we’ll give it to you month by month. of course, I don’t  really know what’s up. or if that’s awfully wrong, I just feel like typing that. so..its just a reference and you can believe it if you believe me. Thanks 🙂

Okay, so the REAL POINT is, these chinese women cheated those ah peks of their CPF savings and fled. Fled to where, I don’t really know. Just disappear in ah pek’s life. Lol.

However, I do not give my sympathy to these ah peks. And neither am I siding these pervs in this entry. They deserved it.

TO side track a bit:

A personal experience with one of these uncles.

I’ve learnt driving from this Uncle. Lets name him Uncle A. He’s short and earns a fairly decent amount of money. He’s a perv. Every lesson, for 1.5 hours, he will tell me his “adventures” with this china woman called, Xiao Xue (Lil Snow?) He will tell me how “fun” it was to be with her and showed me his photos with her on his Nokia phone. Oh, this xiao xue has a boyfriend in China and had came to Singapore to visit her. During his visit, he got to know of Uncle A. What happened next, i’ve forgotten. A few of my friends who had learnt how to drive from him, should know about this. So anyhow, this paragraph is to point out how shameless chinese girls are. EEEW. Have sex with ah peks leh. Need to degrade yourself, or not?-.-

Eg: 1

( Read More Here )

I know a bit outdated…But you get what I mean. You can find plenty of these related articles on the net.

Eg 2

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So back to topic.

SOOOOO….why am I so random? That’s because I have randomly read one article.

( read more here )

 Orh. Okay. Wait. What?

FAKE CERTIFICATE LOR. To what? Become Permanent Resident of Singapore. Good Job you chinese people.

Are you that ashamed of your own country? to that very extent to forge a cert up? Like, seriously? Totally Meh.

No wonder Singapore is overcrowding.

No wonder true blue singaporeans have to bid so many times for what, for HDB houses at Jurong, punggol etc for umpteen times before securing one. Why? Cause of the high influx of the so called foreign talent PRs.Ok lor FTs, you win. We lose, okay? Happy?

No, they are not exactly happy.

 ( Read More Here )

*taken from last year.

They voted us to be “disgusting” and “irritating”. Shiok. Very shiok.

Singapore small like crazy already still provide you all with jobs, with free education, with “husband”, with HDB housing etc. Then end up leh? wha, say us disgusting and irritating.

Mind you, I was once a victim …to be spat by a chinese woman while cycling back home…yeap, right on my face. Yeah. throw up what you’ve eaten a few hours ago if they aint digested yet.

But really, I know it takes two to tango. Singapore’s ICA is also screwed in that sense and I suggest they RECHECK whatever .Honestly, that’s a fraud. FRAUD. There should be a law for forgery , right? Will these people be punished if they are being tracked ?

Anyway, typing and such made me feel better. Sigh. Not saying all chinese people are like that … just a handful….but enough to tarnish reputation of their own country. I’ve made some chinese friends who are really nice people. So….Im just saying those people who are involved in these shit situations.

Okay. World peace, i hope.



Recipe : Pork Mushroom Rice Vermicelli

Recipe for Pork Mushroom Rice Vermicelli (Lazy ones like me)

Preparation Time: <15 Minutes

Cooking Time : <15 Minutes

Total Time : <30 Minutes


3 to 4 Cloves of garlic -> Chopped

Chye Xim -> According to own’s preference

A handful of Minced Pork -> Optional

A can of Pork Leg Mushroom ( You can choose other flavors (: )

A bag of Rice vermicelli -> Mine looked like this.


  • Throw the chopped garlic into the heated wok/frying pan. (In my case, I prefer to use a little olive oil to fry my garlic)
  • Throw in the minced pork and cook till the meat is no longer red.
  • Set aside the cooked pork and pour the can of pork leg in the heated wok/frying pan.
  • Add a little of water —if you think it’s too fry.
  • Throw in stems of the chye xim ‘cus stems take longer time to cook than their leaves ( You dont want to see your vege turn yellow yeah? haha)
  • After 2 minutes or so, throw in the rice vermicelli. Toss them with the gravy.
  • Throw in the cooked pork and the remaining chye xim leaves. Cover the wok/frying pan for a minute(not longer than 1.5minutes)—> this is to prevent the strong vege smell and not longer for 1.5 minutes to prevent vege from being overcooked.
  • Toss a lil more till all the rice vermicelli absorbed the gravy.
  • Cool to serve with some freshly cut chilli 🙂


Sorry if my steps are very brief…..haha….It’s for my own personal reference…

I love this recipe lots because it always take less than half an hour to cook. & I always cook a lot when I was in China because I can heat it up the next day and it tastes as good! Im lazy, so this is a darn good recipe for me!

Love it. And if you happen to be reading this and tried it, i hope you love it as much as I do!

Will post up more lazy recipes soon 🙂

Officially the Water Dragon Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! (:

Nah, this is not a duplicate from the previous CNY post 🙂

If you guys know, Chinese New Year has officially ended on monday 6th Feb 2012. Yeah, that day is commonly known to chinese as 元宵节. As it’s the 15th day of the New year, the moon is full and especially bright. Family gather together for dinner and also to spend time with each other. People I know have families that will only meet once or twice a year and that is during Chinese New Year and Christmas. While others a little more…

What I’m honestly very thankful for is that my family members see each other almost everyday (lol). Yeah. I have a family consists of eight .. My grandparents, my mom ,and uncle, his wife, my bro, my cousin and myself.  And we have this ‘tradition’ in my family that we will be back home for dinner every night if my grandma cooked.  Oh, and also on birthdays. I guess when family is small, it’s easier? Aiyah, I think that’s mainly because my grandpa is darn strict on that lah…So yeah …. 😡

Btw, i have no point. lol..


Below is a collage I’ve made…



This pretty much sums up my CNY for 2012. Not very exciting like a lot of people, but it’s an awesome opportunity for me to spend time with my family especially with my mom (:

As I aged (gracefully) over the years, things that had once been very important weren’t that important anymore. Maybe that’s life where you learn to let things go over time and to realize that there are actually a lot of things that holds much more value as compared to the pearl necklace Im wearing or the designer bag that you’ve eyed on. Expectations fall short but life goes on. What I need is to learn…to smile everyday…for the little things happen each day.

(: Love…Keeks

Qingdao June 2011

ha ha ha… I have been trying to come up with a travel post on Qingdao since….FOREVER!!! hahaha

Cut some slack on me yo…I was…very….beee….zeee… 😛

M and I have decided to go to Qingdao just a week before he left Beijing for New York (for the time being)

We booked our hostel through… HostelWorld . Hostel we stayed in was Qingdao KaiYue International Hostel. It was around…500 RMB i think?

haha, i still have the email…( that’s probably the only positive point for not clearing my inbox :/)

We’ve chosen this not because it was cheap but rather for the availability… We booked it like say…1.5 weeks before the trip? lol…..So a lot of those “nicer” hostels were taken up! (apparently QingDao is a Hotspot for tourist for its beaches…..)

The hostel was pretty ok..We stayed on the second floor;first room. The bathroom was spacious and CLEAN 🙂 two sets of towels were provided by the hostel. Two single beds with clean sheets ( in my OCD opinion). A bulky teevee and a old woody desk. Oh, there was a movable rack?stand? to hang our towels…Remember vividly that there were no hangers provided …Lol!!

Didn’t managed to explore around the laundry and bathroom for the dorms. We were stuck in our room most of the time cus we were so bloody tired which leads to another epic event to be mentioned below * hahahaha

So…we reached Qingdao in the afternoon close to noon time. We walked to our hostel….urm..yeah, we walked  to the hostel from the train station…Apparently it was quite near.. Hahhaa. Of course, we did not find the way to the hostel on our own…cus m and i have no sense of directions (im being really nice to include myself here. LOL)

Okay Lah… we found the place with the help of the invincible iPhone gps. hahahahahaha

We reached , took keys , put bags down, and off we go for our lunch. Lunch was alright with a bottle of Qingdao Beer. (So chinese to be drinking in the afternoon…hahaha qingdao of course drink qingdao beer right?!?!?!!)

After lunchy, we went down to the “flea market” where things there are supposedly very cheap ….(yah cheap but that’s after you’ve spent 1324324 hours of bargaining and acting “ke lian” (pitiful)in front of those shrewd vendors …


Matt bought a (lousy) Abercrombie(fake) slipper at the flea market and I bought a..i dunno how to explain shoe.
Jimo Lu Market
45 LiaoChang Rd.
ShiBei District > ZhongShan Road Shopping Area
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
即墨路商品批发市场, 聊城路45号, 中国山东省青岛市
Details can be found here
To those living in Beijing and reading this, this market is similar to Beijing’s Silk Market and Yaxiu Market. You gotta bargain like crazy in order to get the best deal which is darn hard..:/
* Regarding the epic-ness, both of us went back to the hostel after the flea market and got knocked out at about 5pm…..the next time we woke up was…..6am…. Freaking 13 hours of sleep. What the fuck. So in short, we slept our Day one away without planning to do so…:/
We started our day 2 unusually early because of the epic sleep. haha
We went down to have breakfast at the Old Church Bar, one of the many facilities KaiYue International hostel has provided.
They provide those usual American/European western kind of breakfasts , lunches and dinners.
Food was alright for me. Vividly remember matt ordered some french toast with strawberry jam and stuff. haha.
We started to walk towards the beaches, which all of them are named…after….numbers…. lol. Like, Number 1 bathing beach. Lol.
So we just walked along the coast to reach one beach from another. The usual things you will see, people selling seaweeds, seashells , drinks and food along the way.
Our lunch that was was at Number 2 bathing beach. Had our seafood lunch facing the sea…urm….maybe the beach…..urm…nono…. facing chinese people laying on the beach….:/ You get the mental picture. Not really that romantic… AHHA
 Credits: Matt
We had the lunch in front of us in this photo. haha.
 Credits: Matt
Our lunchy area…..Photos ripped from matt’s chinese fb called the renren. lol!
And we proceeded on with our long walks…….
To end the day, we met up with Matt’s friend, Russel who


,at that point of time, had an exchange in Qingdao something something University. We ate like ton of food…..and went started drinking………and walking….
and there you go, two drunkards posing with a dinosaur along the road …lmao.
&the journey doesnt stop at this dinosaur…we proceeded to this lil roadside stall selling 烧烤. we sat at those lil stools playing the drinking game. Lmao.
Lol… That was the game rules written on a piece of tissue paper. hahahahahaha!
Oh you know what, a woman whom we talked to …brought me to a bush to pee when i needed a toilet. When I told her I DO NOT WANT… she went on to pee in front of me ….to prove is “safe” to pee in the bush….. WTF….I was…. Meh..BRING ME TO A TOILET WITH DOORS YOU IDIOT. lol. I didn’t say that of course. I went back to the lil place with her…….with her un-sanitized hand around my arms…..(I was totally overwhelmed with disgust) Tried to go back to matt for “help” but he just allowed her to bring me to “another place with toilet” WTH right my bf?!?!?!?!!?!?!
Okay lah…. she brought me to a PROPER toilet after that…
Day three was……TIRED~~~!!!!
Another beach visiting day. We went to 石老人 By bus and missed our stop…..ended up walking loads to that stupid old man rock that looks nothing like an old man….Boo.
Credits: Matt
See see…Look like old man meh? haha
Us at one of the beaches.
In short, we did not go to those touristy areas such as Laoshan Mountain, Qingdao Brewery etc. It was more of a relaxed trip with lots of sleep. Matt wanted to see the beaches in Qingdao, so yeah…we visited most of the beaches..Lol… hahaha Will definitely recommend Qingdao as compared to Nanjing.. Cus more things to see….. and also if you’re more of a beach person or you love to eat seafood. Was nice to have seafood after so long..Cus there weren’t many places selling seafood in Beijing….or even there is…you don’t know how fresh the sea creatures are…..Seafood…must be eaten fresh, you know?! hahaha
Alright. That’s all folks. Qingdao Trip June 2011 is done!