Officially the Water Dragon Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! (:

Nah, this is not a duplicate from the previous CNY post 🙂

If you guys know, Chinese New Year has officially ended on monday 6th Feb 2012. Yeah, that day is commonly known to chinese as 元宵节. As it’s the 15th day of the New year, the moon is full and especially bright. Family gather together for dinner and also to spend time with each other. People I know have families that will only meet once or twice a year and that is during Chinese New Year and Christmas. While others a little more…

What I’m honestly very thankful for is that my family members see each other almost everyday (lol). Yeah. I have a family consists of eight .. My grandparents, my mom ,and uncle, his wife, my bro, my cousin and myself.  And we have this ‘tradition’ in my family that we will be back home for dinner every night if my grandma cooked.  Oh, and also on birthdays. I guess when family is small, it’s easier? Aiyah, I think that’s mainly because my grandpa is darn strict on that lah…So yeah …. 😡

Btw, i have no point. lol..


Below is a collage I’ve made…



This pretty much sums up my CNY for 2012. Not very exciting like a lot of people, but it’s an awesome opportunity for me to spend time with my family especially with my mom (:

As I aged (gracefully) over the years, things that had once been very important weren’t that important anymore. Maybe that’s life where you learn to let things go over time and to realize that there are actually a lot of things that holds much more value as compared to the pearl necklace Im wearing or the designer bag that you’ve eyed on. Expectations fall short but life goes on. What I need is to learn…to smile everyday…for the little things happen each day.

(: Love…Keeks


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