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Just a random blog post before I start to begin writing my 3 awaiting foodie post.

While i was watching Game of Thrones earlier with M, a random question just popped into my mind.

How many books can be listed as one’s “favorite” list?

Very random, I know. But I just want to know.

One’s favorite book… means what? They love the plot so much? They love the characters? They love the author? I don’t know how to even define that.

If it’s being called a “favorite” book.. then does it actually means that the person will actually keeps reminiscing about that particular book?

Can a “favorite” book be so easily replaced by another book?

I’m not even sure where this topic leads to but I’m pretty sure my favorite book will always be ” Three Lil Pigs”. This is the book that I’ve been reading since young. I’ve read multiple different versions of Three Lil Pigs and I’m always enchanted with how it will keep  the kids and I entertained. Yeah, I do have other different books of which I loved to read. Second Chance by I cannot remember who and so on. I loved reading them but they are never quite the same as Three lil Pigs.

So I’m curious.. Lets just put it this way: Other books which I may or will read in the future, can never replace the top position of three lil pigs in my list of favorite books. So I’m just….wondering…. what are your definition of ….favorite book(s)?




Chinese Education In Singapore

I always wonder how brains work. With those neuro nerve endings packed in a tiny puny flesh. Like when I was working back in the pharmacy, a lot people asked ” How do they(drugs) know where they are heading to?”. Honestly, i cannot really figure out even though we had intensive modules teaching how different reactors will attach themselves to specific drugs. How anti-histamines actually know their ways to histamines. Maybe that’s the reason I was never good in this field, because I simply cannot understand.

It has been 2 years since I left school in SG. I have never regret my choice in coming to China, I have never doubt if this was what I want to do for the rest of my life. It was never a mistake on my part. even though to a lot of people, I’m just pushing myself too hard in acquiring the skills for being a chinese teacher. A lot of people said that there’re SO MANY freaking chinese people who are up for that job, WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?  What makes you want to take double their pay? Who WANTS to pay YOU when they can get cheaper and better chinese teachers?

To me it’s like a questions of asking if Americans are perfect in their English. No offense , but it is known that majority of them speak English with good accent. They are not always grammatically correct.

I’m not saying I type or speak with perfect grammars. M still corrects me now and then.

My point is— even if you’re a native speaker of a certain language , it doesn’t mean you know how to teach.

It’s even harder to be a good teacher.

And being a good teacher does not mean teaching in good/elite schools producing excellent results.

Of course I am not trying to eliminate the efforts teachers put in for the excellency.

Singapore is known for its World Class Education — my foot.

I don’t know how many students committed suicides each day because of the stress. PSLE, O Levels, A Levels. We study for these “ultimate” exams. We are “programmed” to study for these. Ten years series, five years series are our companions.

Over the years, chinese has increasingly becoming more and more important. Even LKY said we need to  improve on our chinese language.

But what exactly did we do to improve?

By introducing CLB? Lol. Contents for this language is LAME. They always tell us ” What we are doing now is to equip you with world class knowledge to compete internationally”


Which country is best in Chinese? China, right?

Lemme tell you, what we had learnt for chinese for those ten years in our school years ain’t even 10% of what the PRCs study.

It’s really time to revamp the syllabus for chinese.

That’s also my ultimate goal in life——to change the damn chinese syllabus in MOE. They always want to “equip” us. Yeah, equip the elites what. They get best jobs in Singapore and ended up having paid sex with minors (Oops).

See. Our “so called” high ranking officers…. Cannot get girlfriends/wifes to satisfy their needs, have to go out for ‘sweet young thing with cup C sized tits” lol

I told M the other day that being Bilingual is not enough these days. They can only get you THIS far, not THAT far. Trilingual at least for my kids(in the future)

It’s time to change the way we look at things. English may be important, but chinese has also increasingly become more important. I’m lucky to have grandpa. I’m lucky to have awesome teachers.

I will slowly work my way up, suckers.


Been out of touch recently. Drafted two posts about unhappy things but decided not to publish in the end. I mean, what’s the point of wasting my blog space with unhappy moments? No point.

Although sometimes it’s hard to let go some of the things which happened in the past, life still moves on.

A note left for me by someone whom I respect a lot says ” You’ve allowed yourself to be haunted by the past. Focus on what you have at the present instead.”

True. I replied her, ” It’s always easier to be saying than doing. But I’ll try”

I think when one is away from home, it’s always easier to have negative feelings overwhelmed you. Hahaha

I have been in deep thoughts  a lot recently. Whether good or bad, i have them all. Sometimes, I’m really afraid that all these will come crashing down on me one day and I’ll just collapsed and become schizophrenic. Wtf.

I genuinely hope I won’t be. Lol.

Anyways! Photos.


Boy and I at starbucks near his workplace ^^

these happy moments never fails to bring a smile to my fat face. It reminds me of how hard times were when we were apart and now that we’re finally together for good—Life is good. Even when studies stress me out, I have my boy reading his bullshit china book with me by my side.

Love you M! 🙂

Past The Midnight

It has been long since M has arrived that I’m still awake at this hour.

Time Check: 1.21am

Laying on bed with M sleeping soundly right beside me. Sometimes it’s a bliss to watch your boy sleeping peacefully right beside you. Poor boy had to reach work uber early tomorrow (or later)

I’ve planned to stay awake for my work…but right now, I just wanna blog. It’s almost difficult to do work at home nowadays —which I don’t know why. Maybe it’s been a habit ever since secondary school that I have to wait for everyone at home to be asleep then will I slowly unpack my school bag in the kitchen and start doing my work into the wee hours.

School has bee a bitch and I had 8am class 3 out of 4 schooldays. Yeah, fml. And I end school at 8/9pm 4 our of 4 days. What a life. So I had no choice but to fall asleep INVOLUNTARILY. I rmb i fell aslp while M went to shit. Lmao. he had to wake me up to brush my teethy.

Anyway, back to topic.

Looking at M sleeping in his rags puts on a wide smile on my face. Even though we quarrel , we don’t make it past one day. He will always be the bigger person when we fight.

Sometimes I wonder if I really deserve such great man. By great —I mean in my definition. He’s the cutest and most annoying person ever. He loves to correct my singlish…..but got influenced to speak singlish. lol.

ahhhhhh!!!!! Why this cute boyyyy is just cuteeeeeeeeeeee. Okay Lemme end here and try to go back to “work-ing”



Our Anniversary-First 31/3/2012

This is a long overdue post….or rather, occasion :p

Yep. We had our first anniversary on 31/march/2012!!!


And you would wonder, what happened to the 2 months in between? Well, that’s for you to guess 😉

So the boy came to Beijing after being away from his awesome girlfriend(me) for so long!

He found a job here and has been here since March 2012!!!


This is my once-in-awhile-romantic-boyfriend’s anniversary gift for his awesome girlfriend. haha. He ordered that online and had planned to give me a surprise on this date…But he couldnt keep a secret about that and so I made him give me the gift on the day he touched down. HAHA. So that was an early anniversary gift ^^


On that day itself, the anniversary wasn’t very much like what I had expected or maybe yours too :p

Matt was down with stomach virus….Which SUCK. Because our anniversary actually falls on the start of the one week QingMing Holiday. Yup. And he had that virus on Thursday……and he recovered on the last day of the 5 days vacation @.@

Well, he TRIED to be ok, and we headed down to sanlitun at 9.30pm(!!!!) for Blue Frog. Oh, and also his White pearlie iPhone 4S (roll my eyes)


So we went up to BlueFrog and began our “celebration” of our first year. Haha. Things were looking good. M can still order PINEAPPLE juice-.- I assumed he was feeling alright and started ordering.


I don’t know what is the name of this dish. Garlic toast with salsa.

Lo and behold…. Guess what happened?

I found hairs inside the salsa sauce *gagged

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

So i had the manager to change to a new dish. (Frankly, i was kinda afraid that they will spit into my food T_T)


Sorry for the weird angled photo! I was eager to dig into my food!! Only realised that I forgot to snap a photo after eating a few spoonfuls of my pasta T_T

I ordered some creamy mushroom with salmon pasta while M ordered his bluefrog’s burger.

Honestly, not much to rave about.

The pasta wasn’t up to the standard which I’ve expected bluefrog to have. And it was expensive! 80++rmb for the pasta? Overrated.

Then, I thought the burger would be good because LITERALLY everyone raved about it(excluding the price, of course) It was 79RMB for the bluefrog burger if i did not remember wrongly.

Again, it was overrated. The steak was DRY and hard. Fries weren’t piping hot, they were soft and lukewarm…. as if they had been laid on the tray for a period of time and when they were needed to be served, they just heat it up in the microwave for like 10seconds kinda thing. Lame.


It’s not that the food was too good that we HAD TO pack home, you know? M’s stomach started to act up during our meals and we had to rush home. Normally, we would just leave the food and head off, but I just cannot deal with the fact that we PAID SO MUCH FOR OVERRATED FOOD AND WE HAD TO WASTE IT. No, that is NOT happening. So we had the waitress to have our food packed up. Gosh. I still cannot get over how expensive that meal was. I mean, that meal clearly do not worth the amount of price we’d paid. Gross.

Well you would thought that, Hmm, maybe the ambience was good enough to make up for the bad food. No, really. Some fat disoriented angmohs were playing pool, and whatever happened, i swear to the pacific ocean, the group of chinese women were screaming ” Ahhh Oh yeahhh” Fuck you, really. They were laughing like wild hyenas and I just had to roll my eyes whenever they YAHHHHOOOOO. Yeah, my eyes are really spontaneous like that.




Overall, I had a good time with M. Haha. Here’s a photo of us with his new white toy.


Till then, Bye!






Im sitting in starbucks near ChaoYangMen Subway Station trying to sip the last bit of my Mocha Frap with my boy in front of me reading his fav china book :p Life is good 

We normally spend our saturdays on outings like going to various parks or…idk, and our sundays in a cafe doing work. However, every new cafe we go to, have their own flaws. Really.

By far, we’ve been to The Bridge Cafe, where their food were alright, not fantastic. Service suck, waiters and waitresses are like the ultimate retards of the whole universe. They are usually 10 times behind time. Needed some syrup for my Americano, came in only I have finished that. Wow. Brilliant.

this is the mistake of my entire soupy life. lol. This is the  legendary broccoli soup. Jeez, its like chunks and chunks of boiled broccoli being threw into a blender which result in broccoli paste. Yes. This soup tasted exactly like what it will taste after you mix the broccoli paste with hot water :/


I cannot remember if this was mine or matt’s. We ordered different kinda sandwiches, but they looked the same…..:/// Tasted decent. Bread can be found in places like April’s Gourmet or Jenny’s Lou.  Yeah.

Brownie. Price was 15 RMB or 20 RMB. The texture of the brownie was dry. Meh. Over-baked. Very horrible.

So, the food was so-so, nothing to rave about given that the service was shit too. :/

M and I tried to do our work for a bit, tried. Yeah. But the environment in Bridge cafe is totally not conducive for studying and doing your work. People around us are either practicing their bad chinese in horribly loud hoarse voice or having people to shout into their retarded phones for the other end to hear properly. Oh , and this place reeks of smoke, too.

M and I couldnt concentrate anymore , so we left in the middle of our work. Yucks.


After Bridge Cafe, we went to Sculpting in Time the following week. They have fast internet and really quiet enivornment. Most importantly , this place is free of smoke smell. Good.

However, the down side of S.I.T is price. Overpriced. Thinking of which , it may be the reason why the crowd is lesser than Bridge cafe. This cafe is slightly less affordable for students on a weekly basis(I feel). We spent 145RMB that day for a 4 hours study session (including the eating time). We ordered French Fries, Chicken wings combo, their S.I.T fruit tea and coke float. A hefty amount to be spent on those food, ya?

This is the chicken wings in the chicken combo which also includes the nachos below.

Pathetic size, I know. I wonder if Sculpting in time bought the smallest and cheapest wings. really. extremely puny. No kick. but I have to say, they did a good job in marinating the wings. Though it wasn’t juicy enough given the meh size, the taste of it was flavorful.

The Nachos. At first, they gave us Ketchup instead of the salsa sauce. Whut the hell? Who goes to a cafe to eat nachos with ketchup??!?!?!!?!? Had the waitress to change it for us and according to her, it was because the chinese doesn’t appreciate the goodness of salsa sauce, so they had it changed to ketchup by default. Wow china. you wow-ed me with these logics.


Then I ordered the fries for 25 RMB. Expensive for frozen fries. I mean, yeah i know, who the hell doesnt use frozen fries nowadays right. but the thing is, 25RMB is hella expensive ,lah!I can have the best fries in the world for 10rmb at macdonalds! But of course, the fries in china also suck….-_-“””

This wasnt ordered on that day, it was my lunch on the previous wednesday. They have this set meal which cost 65RMB per set. My set comes with pasta-three pastas for you to choose if im not wrong, side dish-Nachos,friends or potato cake, and a cup of black tea or I dont know what.

To be frank, the pasta was fantastic, I could say it is the best pasta i have ever had in beijing in my 1.5 years of stay. Really.  The spag absorbed all the bolognese sauce, spag was well cooked-just nice, not overcooked like some restaurants.

The pasta was mushroom bolognese I think.

if you want to order the pasta only, i think its 38rmb for a plate of pasta.

Well, this place is slightly better than Bridge cafe. I give credits to the service , environment and the quality of food. However, I will only go there again when im feeling slightly richer than usual :p

Oh btw, both Bridge cafe and Sculpting in time are located in WuDaoKou.

Here’s a photo of M in Sculpting in Time. Hee

Har har. M and his coke float.


I think two weeks ago—the one with Qing Ming Holiday in China— we met up a few friends for Pork Ribs. *Jaw Drops Please.

the place is called HomePlate Bar-B-Que or something like that.

Before I touch on the food, I just have to bitch about the location. The location SUCK!!!!! Big time, really. We tried to go there by subway…but we got really screwed. We had to walk a reeeeally far distance —and we did not reach there by foot—instead, we took a cab……BUT, the dumb cab did not bring us there. We had to WALK quite a bit to reach this place. Not smart, really.

Half Rack Pork Ribs——150 rmb =OOOOOO

We thought that it would be a—looooot given that we are paying 150rmb IN CHINA ,:=O again

Beef brisket. 60RMB for a small basket. Don’t really like it. Tasted weird.

Buffalo Wings. All I can say is that I expected more of this. It cost about 35-38Rmb (might be less or more). It’s crispy and the size is about right for regular chicken wings—unlike the puny ones at Sculpting in time— However, I expected more. what’s buffalo wings for you guys? My definition of well cooked buffalo wings must be well marinated, juicy, and a right level of spiciness.

Buffalo wings here at homeplate: Not well marinated— Yes, the first bite was flavorful->with the crispy skin, the second bite into the wings->without the skin—tasted bland and dry. Meat was obviously overcooked because the moisture from the wings are all dried out.

Er, not fantastic, really. Oh btw, the sauce they gave was blue cheese o_O

Nachos. Nothing to rave about.

If I am not wrong, this is the pull pork which almost EVERYONE recommends. Well, okay, it’s not overrated, it was indeed the nicest of all….(IMHO)

For a lil basket, it cost 60rmb… I can assure you, if you’re going to have this alone for a meal, you w.i.l.l.n.o.t be full. Trust me. The portion is…tiny.

Abrupt ending to my post. lol


Wind blow wind


good day everyone. blogging from sculpting in time near Beijing normal university on my iPhone! today’s windy day in Beijing! windbreaker, everyone!!!!! I heard from class 95fm that it’s raining heavily in Singapore! aww brolly people in sg!!!!!!!!
class in the afternoon was cancelled!

sipping americano and enjoying my afternoon without lesson.

very dang because I did not bring my MacBook. could have blogged about more yummy food! will head home soon for that!

I hope u smarties are enjoying your Thursday! one more day to weekends! HANG IN THERE!!!:)