Our Anniversary-First 31/3/2012

This is a long overdue post….or rather, occasion :p

Yep. We had our first anniversary on 31/march/2012!!!


And you would wonder, what happened to the 2 months in between? Well, that’s for you to guess 😉

So the boy came to Beijing after being away from his awesome girlfriend(me) for so long!

He found a job here and has been here since March 2012!!!


This is my once-in-awhile-romantic-boyfriend’s anniversary gift for his awesome girlfriend. haha. He ordered that online and had planned to give me a surprise on this date…But he couldnt keep a secret about that and so I made him give me the gift on the day he touched down. HAHA. So that was an early anniversary gift ^^


On that day itself, the anniversary wasn’t very much like what I had expected or maybe yours too :p

Matt was down with stomach virus….Which SUCK. Because our anniversary actually falls on the start of the one week QingMing Holiday. Yup. And he had that virus on Thursday……and he recovered on the last day of the 5 days vacation @.@

Well, he TRIED to be ok, and we headed down to sanlitun at 9.30pm(!!!!) for Blue Frog. Oh, and also his White pearlie iPhone 4S (roll my eyes)


So we went up to BlueFrog and began our “celebration” of our first year. Haha. Things were looking good. M can still order PINEAPPLE juice-.- I assumed he was feeling alright and started ordering.


I don’t know what is the name of this dish. Garlic toast with salsa.

Lo and behold…. Guess what happened?

I found hairs inside the salsa sauce *gagged

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

So i had the manager to change to a new dish. (Frankly, i was kinda afraid that they will spit into my food T_T)


Sorry for the weird angled photo! I was eager to dig into my food!! Only realised that I forgot to snap a photo after eating a few spoonfuls of my pasta T_T

I ordered some creamy mushroom with salmon pasta while M ordered his bluefrog’s burger.

Honestly, not much to rave about.

The pasta wasn’t up to the standard which I’ve expected bluefrog to have. And it was expensive! 80++rmb for the pasta? Overrated.

Then, I thought the burger would be good because LITERALLY everyone raved about it(excluding the price, of course) It was 79RMB for the bluefrog burger if i did not remember wrongly.

Again, it was overrated. The steak was DRY and hard. Fries weren’t piping hot, they were soft and lukewarm…. as if they had been laid on the tray for a period of time and when they were needed to be served, they just heat it up in the microwave for like 10seconds kinda thing. Lame.


It’s not that the food was too good that we HAD TO pack home, you know? M’s stomach started to act up during our meals and we had to rush home. Normally, we would just leave the food and head off, but I just cannot deal with the fact that we PAID SO MUCH FOR OVERRATED FOOD AND WE HAD TO WASTE IT. No, that is NOT happening. So we had the waitress to have our food packed up. Gosh. I still cannot get over how expensive that meal was. I mean, that meal clearly do not worth the amount of price we’d paid. Gross.

Well you would thought that, Hmm, maybe the ambience was good enough to make up for the bad food. No, really. Some fat disoriented angmohs were playing pool, and whatever happened, i swear to the pacific ocean, the group of chinese women were screaming ” Ahhh Oh yeahhh” Fuck you, really. They were laughing like wild hyenas and I just had to roll my eyes whenever they YAHHHHOOOOO. Yeah, my eyes are really spontaneous like that.




Overall, I had a good time with M. Haha. Here’s a photo of us with his new white toy.


Till then, Bye!






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