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Mirror mirror on the wall…

mirror mirror on the wall-who’s the fairest of them all?

Hold it there. I’m not going to start storytelling anytime. Just saying 😛

Finished my exams awhile ago. Nowhere between fantastic and awesome. Just a mixture of blehs and mehs. Planned to hibernate before my interview later in the early afternoon but as usual, i got distracted -even from sleeping- by blog hopping. I read an entry named ” Priorities ” written by one of my friends.

It took me long enough to realize that , hey, humanity is restored (9gag) lol.

The post wrote about how he went into MCD and noticed a girl who once had cleft-lips by her scar and later found out that she’s a lil disability. He bought her Big mac meal and some side chicken meals.

In the midst of striving to be on the upper class society range, we sometimes forgot how simple things make us happy.

And the best of all things , is to be surrounded by people like that. Really.

Gen and Lou —fellow singaporeans whom I met them at the police station (for temporary residential permit) are people like these. We went to wudaokou together and while I planned to pop by 7-eleven to get some hot sandwiches for the homeless people, they had the same thing in mind. We ended up buy so much food and had them distributed to those homeless people we saw around that area.

Why food? The simplest reason of all is that, it’s so apparent to so many of us that it is a syndicate to “get money”. They get these elders to beg on street and what’s not.

No, i did not come up with that idea of giving food to them.

I learned that from a fellow brother in Christ. He’s Abraham from the Philippines . I got to know him during my first year in China at FAO(Fridays@Oasis).  He showed me by actions how he could bless other people with these lil things. I started doing so whenever I see a homeless man on the street. Sometimes, money could do that much but a nice warm meal could bring happiness.

I don’t know about you, but food makes me really happy. And I hope those lil meals I’ve gotten over these two years made someone happy, even for a few minutes.






Away from the blogging scene for sometime because of my finals. Four more papers, one week more to freedom.

Took this photo just now as i cut open the peach(?!) or plum. I have eaten this since young even in Singapore but it was only until a moment ago I realized that the seed is so artistically grown(?!) or formed. lol.

Hahaha it’s time for you to stop and take notice of what’s happening 🙂 just saying. haha

Til then, toddles ! x