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Because I Care

I don’t know what is wrong with Singapore nowadays. I’ve been reading so many nonsensical news regarding how  students exchange sex for grades with their prof , high profile officials involved in sex scandals with underaged whores, how a MOE scholar become an EX-MOE scholar and later ended up in jail etc etc.

I cannot help but to wonder all these highly intelligent(based on their academic results) people have such low morales. It brought out the fact that when they were being stringently selected to be those people who lead, they were in fact, did not undergo a holistic selection. Does that actually make some sense? lol

Academic/Grades —— the tool to measure someone’s capability.

It is because to them, GRADES = EVERYTHING.

Bad grades –  you are such a loser in life, you are deemed not to achieve anything in your life.

Awesome grades – you are a winner, success is the eventual goal you will achieve.

Mediocre grades – oh, 9-5 jobs are catered for you.


I remember watching a chinese variety show where the host said something which was etched in my mind since then. He said “Sometimes in life, those who are always the number one in class for their studies usually loses to those people with mediocre results. More often than not, the latter is always more successful than the former”

He’s a 50 something host and i believe, even his experience in life, those words worth more than a pot of gold.

Results ain’t everything. Who actually uses those knowledge they learned in books to survive in the society today?

Books will always be there for you to have reference. Everyone have access to those books. What makes you better than other people is the knowledge you’ve learned throughout your life outside of the books.


Good grades? High profile officials? Scholars? Ha! Look what they’ve ended up doing? Having sex with an underaged whore.


Some even have families, have children…yet having sex with whores around the age of their kids.


Singapore is a corruption free country? Maybe for now. Lets see what happens after four years….Let’s sit back and enjoy what those so called scholars have in mind for Singapore.

I love my Singapore. But these past few years…. I realized how Singapore has changed….and is still changing….maybe into a face i couldn’t recognize anymore….


Woes of their own

I’m currently living the life anyone would want to live—except that I wish my wallet is loaded with shitloads of cash.

Finished my finalsnong nong time ago and did not just fly straight back to singapore this time round. Instead of doing that, im staying back a lil for M who is working here…just because I didn’t want to leave him alone here for close to two months.

Anyways so im scheduled to leave the jing end of months for the sunny island for two weeks. Just nice to bring back fresh chiffon pandan cake for the man :p

Well well… holidays is good sometimes when you’ve got the kaching!($$)

Man, $ is a frustrating issue. College students ARE poor. And they are POORER when they study overseas—ppl like me. Yeah, no doubt Singapore has recently been listed as one of the top three richest country in the world…be mindful that those people don’t include people like the bummers i.e.Me

So right here, I always have this $ issue with the man. He’s working and I’m studying. He loves traveling and I love it too . So what’s the freaking you say. Oh! Easy. He’s got the $ and I have 1/10 of the $ he has. Make any sense?

I don’t know if anyone has that issue. It’s very annoying on my part because it just seems as if i am not spontaneous enough for his ideas/plans/suggestions. Sigh. Life sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, we are very much in love. Which couples really have zero complains about their lives? Everyone wants to live a sweet and loving life, but is that really possible? I highly doubt so.

Oh wells.

But to me…it’s all about the rainbow which appears at the end of a storm.

Quarrels /different opinions are allowed, as long as deeper bonds are formed…



Whether you love or you hate… they are feelings. Which also means you care.

You care. I care. She cares. He cares. They care.

Care — is a word which a lot fear .

When you broke up with someone, you hated them, you want them to feel your hatred. And by doing things to show that you hate actually just means that you still care

However, you just want to live in delusion BELIEVING that “NO, I DONT care, I HATE”

Who are you trying to kid that you don’t care? It’s because you care, you hate. Feelings…

I’m blogging this right now because I was just clearing the inbox of my old emails and realized that my dad sent quite a lot mails and also reminders of his birthday just 2 weeks ago.

And how did i feel?

Honestly, i felt nothing.

That I think is the scariest part of all. I literally felt nothing. Like it doesnt matter to me anymore.

I haven’t been in contact with him for two solid years. Maybe during this period of time i shut myself away from this nonsense, which is why right now, he’s just another stranger to me.

Don’t get me wrong here. I know it’s not right, he’s my dad afterall. Frankly speaking, there’s no need for me to explain it clearly here. And please don’t tell me ” Whatever wrong he did, he deserves a second chance”. Do you give murderers second chance? No. Why? For fear of them acting and kill, right?? Analogy there.

Just a weird post.


I’ve intended to write a more substantial post rather than just a post blogging from my iphonee. But because of my itchy hands to have turned my laptop off, I shall just do a snippet of what I planned to write about.


yeah wtf. I hate those words with all my mighty power. true words.

I need to come up with a long post of what I had experienced. pure bleh.