Whether you love or you hate… they are feelings. Which also means you care.

You care. I care. She cares. He cares. They care.

Care — is a word which a lot fear .

When you broke up with someone, you hated them, you want them to feel your hatred. And by doing things to show that you hate actually just means that you still care

However, you just want to live in delusion BELIEVING that “NO, I DONT care, I HATE”

Who are you trying to kid that you don’t care? It’s because you care, you hate. Feelings…

I’m blogging this right now because I was just clearing the inbox of my old emails and realized that my dad sent quite a lot mails and also reminders of his birthday just 2 weeks ago.

And how did i feel?

Honestly, i felt nothing.

That I think is the scariest part of all. I literally felt nothing. Like it doesnt matter to me anymore.

I haven’t been in contact with him for two solid years. Maybe during this period of time i shut myself away from this nonsense, which is why right now, he’s just another stranger to me.

Don’t get me wrong here. I know it’s not right, he’s my dad afterall. Frankly speaking, there’s no need for me to explain it clearly here. And please don’t tell me ” Whatever wrong he did, he deserves a second chance”. Do you give murderers second chance? No. Why? For fear of them acting and kill, right?? Analogy there.

Just a weird post.


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