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Today time stopped for a bit and made me realised that I’m growing older each day. And as time tickles by, i’m just like a lil girl who is losing grip of her prized balloon. Everyone is in fact moving forward like me , too. I know I’m not alone yet it’s also a reminder to me that people including my grandparents are growing older….

I don’t know if cultures make a difference here , I assumed that even if there’s a culture difference, being filial isn’t one of them. Grew up in a fairly tradition family, we don’t do hugs or kisses. I got caned several times by my grandpa when I was young. I get a slap if I store food in my cheeks like a chipmunk. I cannot slurp the noodles loudly. I must bite with my mouth closed. I cannot sit with my legs opened. I get no rewards for getting good results but punishments for poor performance.

I grew up to be a -fairly-fine person. No revengeful feelings towards my grandparents, instead I love them to bits.

I remember I will clench my fist really tight whenever my grandpa caned me. I don’t cry–which probably makes it more frustrating for my grandpa—and that doesn’t make him happy. He will whip harder. I would clench my fist even harder.

Thinking back about those times, i’m glad i was caned. I cannot tolerate people who slurps their noodles here in china, because that sounds freaking gross and is something that uneducated people would do. I’m glad….so glad I did not turn out that way.

My childhood wasn’t stained because of my grandparents. Everything –including those punishments– i’m glad they happened. They pieced up my life…

Maybe right now…. all I can do is to come up with a perfect plan to have them enjoy life….



Call me maybe?

I threw a wish in the well,

Don’t ask me,

I’ll never tellI looked to you as it fell,

And now you’re in my way
I’d trade my soul for a wish,

Pennies and dimes for a kiss

I wasn’t looking for this,

But now you’re in my way
Your stare was holdin’,

Ripped jeans, skin was showin’

Hot night, wind was blowin’

Where you think you’re going, baby?
Hey, I just met you,

And this is crazy,

But here’s my number,

so call me, maybe?



I’m addicted to this song and it has been playing in my itunes till M is sick and tired of it. lol






seriously? I’m dying over here. “cum on friends cake”

I cannot believe this person found my blog using those words. Now I wonder if my blog is appropriate for the public. hahahahhahaah

Qingdao Take 2 — Aug 2012

I don’t know if anyone remembers…. i actually went to Qingdao last year June. You can read it here.

So 1 year later, M and I went back to the same place for his long vacation of the year!

As expected, M and I went back to the same hostel. However, it was relatively more expensive than the previous stay. It cost about 1200RMB for four nights from Monday to Friday. M booked the room through and I think that it’s probably due to the peak season for traveling in August… So i guess that was why it was ridiculously expensive? oh, not forgetting that KaiYue International Hostel at No. 31 Jining road is quite famous in Qingdao and amongst the travelers. Hee. It’s also cited in LonelyPlanet that it’s the best Hostel in Qingdao, so I guess that’s why :p

Here’s a view to the toilet in the hostel. Not bad i would say. Heater was good and the pressure of the shower head is very commendable given that we are in china :p and not to mention the flush too :p

If you were to ask me how big is the toilet, i would say enough to fit two fat person like M and I. No problem for showering , too 😉 Hahaha

And also, the cleanliness of this toilet can easily top the chart of 4 stars hotel’s standard, or even better. Sparkling clean 🙂 And the staffs of the hostel doing the cleaning everyday are very friendly. So just pop over to have them clear your bins 😀 M and I are fussy about letting people into our rooms when we are not around, so we did not ask for the room cleaning service for 5 days straight 😛 Quite safe I would say to leave your laptops around. I left my Lumix GF3 camera and Macbook in the room locked and they are still safe with me now :p

From the previous visit, we did things like walking to different beaches, eating seafood on the beach, tonnes of walking, friend meeting session but nothing like the touristy areas , so this time round we decided to be more adventurous.

We did Laoshan Mountain. Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes because I would too, if i were to hear that some ridiculous fat city girl going to climb a mountain. But yeah, I really did. Mwahahhaa

We started by taking Bus 304 from the Pier to Laoshan. Mind you… I counted, there were 35 stops from Pier to DaHeDong Ke Fu Zhong xin. FML really. It was a close to 2 hours of bus ride and I only got to sit down for the last ten minutes. Thanks.

We reached the place at about 12noon plus and got our tickets for 130rmb each. Btw, it would be really good if you have your student ID with you because you will get entry discounts 😀 Yeah bitches. I paid 85rmb for mine and M paid the usual 130rmb. (Hahahahhahhaha)  We bought the tickets to Yang Kou via various attractions. Both of us, especially M thought that it was a very comfortable route because all we did were to hop onto buses for different attractions.

To be honest, I did not note down where we went exactly… So let just have the photos up.

Photos taken with iPhone 4

/en-route to the summit/

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

/Halfway there…./

Photos taken with iPhone 4 

/have to take the “cable car” up…/

/Singapore’s cable is fucking a lot safer than that. At the very least, you are in a room….not sitting on metal bars. wtf/

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

/About to reach the summit. Saw the first upper right photo? Yeah, we entered that and had to literally climb a cave. wtf!!/

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/This is the only photo I’ve taken at the summit. Phobia of heights, ’nuff said. I don’t even care to crop the photo just to let you see i suck at taking photos. HAAAA/

Photos taken with iPhone 4

/The first photo was the Qingdao’s 凉粉, so i thought it was similar to Singapore’s Chin Chao(Grass Jelly) which is PUI. So disgusting. Meh. Wasted 5Kuai on that. But we got free spring water to drink which I threw it

/I still prefer Singapore’s seafood but compare that to BeiDaHei’s, it’s far better. China standards ://

Photo taken  with  iPhone 4

/I concussed that night. Totally knocked out. M was still able to wake up at 9am the next morning and go for a long walk. Siao/

/When i posted this to weibo, there were comments about how sexual it is. You mad bro? Chinese standards. Meh/

The next touristy place we went to was Huang Dao (Yellow Island;黄岛) — Golden Sandy Beach (金沙滩)

We walked up North from KaiYue Hostel to Zhong Shan Lu (中山路) to take suidao(隧道) 3 to Huang Dao. The bus will go through the underwater tunnel from Qingdao to Huangdao.

Lo and behold, Huangdao as its name suggested——is not an island by itself. it’s actually a suburb area in QINGDAO. Mwahahaha i bet you know nothing about that!!!! Neh ni neh ni poo poo!!!

we just alight at the last stop and took a cab from there to Golden sandy beach. Cost about 15kuai.

Photo taken with iPhone 4

Photo taken with iPhone 4

Do I need to say more? I’ve been to beaches in Singapore, Indonesia, New york, fucking beidaihe and Qingdao… I would say this Golden Sandy Beach hit the spot.  The sand glitters under the rays that it hurt my small eyes and it’s especially gorgeous when you see the water glitters,too when the waves come crashing in. WTF!!! SO PRETTY!!!

The temperature was perfect. It was windy, not those stuffy winds in Beijing, but cool strong breeze.Omg, sucha different experience from the widely claimed beautiful beach in BeidaiHe.Frankly, it’s so shit that I don’t even bother to blog about it. It’s just a waste of anybody’s time. Really.

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/The really win factor was that it wasn’t packed with chinese people. You have your own space. Very relaxing/

/the sky was so magnificent/

/staring out to the ocean gives your soul a good rest/

Photo taken with iPhone 4

/Perfect day for any couples/

/Perfect hangout place for anyone/

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/Egg Yolk/

That’s all folks. We had a blast in Qingdao and above two were the main things we did in Qingdao this time round.

Did not go to the TsingTao BRewery museum again. We thought it was boring….wahahhahaha

No shopping or whatsoever for me too. Sigh. If you really want to shop or what, don’t bring your BFs along. really. I guess even when you go to HK, you are unable to shop freely like any women would. Boo.

Okay lah. I’ll end here. 🙂 XX