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Before I start on anything..I just want to share how entertained I am as I check what kinda ridiculous keywords people typed and got on my blog.

‘Songs about chinese girls with armpit hairs” – Really? is there really a song written by someone and sang by someone regarding the armpit hairs of the chinese girls? Er.. I’m thankful if there are some and I have yet to come across on youtube. I just gagged.

‘tight Asian pussy’ … Okay. Judging from these, I can now solemnly say that, kids under the age of 18 are not allowed on my blog. Tight asian pussy. Ha. What the fuck.

I’m dead serious about what I wrote above. I cannot imagine those brought people on my site, and perhaps give me more time, people can find my blog if you google “free porn” …lol ill try and practice some cartoon porns on my sketchbook  -___-




So as my post title has suggested, this is going to be a waist-line related post.

Once upon a long long time, my mom used to tell me how perfect her waistline was. Her waist was measured 24″ and stood at approx 1.70m( notice how i used past tense here. She used….to…be…..)

Right now, Im guessing her waist is about 35″ and counting and shrunk to approx 1.65m. Well, that’s my guess. LOL

Apparently right now given how much she had changed, she still nags at my waist line, my weight blah blah blah.

Seriously, sometimes I wanna punch her right into her fat cheeks……..Just kidding.

Recently being highly active on the Taobao page, I was “given” a chance to buy something useful for my -aherm- health. Frankly, I wasn’t …and still am not  a health freak. I love everything from the F to the R-I-E-D stuffs. I love Pizzas. I love Pastas. I love baguettes. I love C-A-R-B-O-H-Y-D-R-A-T-E-S. Really. I love them all. They….satisfy me :p

It’s worst to love them and hate exercising. I don’t know how much I’ve changed over the years. I used to run marathons. 5km, 10km, 21.5km… Friendly runs, competitive runs—I used to PAY and RUN them.

Now? Ha, I’m just a couch potato.

I sit in front of my Mac and nom on my chips. Hell yeah, that’s life.

Wake up calls are always random. They are sudden. They just wake your fat slob idea up one day. One day–where I was watching my HK drama….I looked down upon my tummy. Swiss rolls look-alike fats smiled back at me….I freaked out.

Like…WTF!! What have I been <s>doing</s> eating?!?!!

I wanted so much to take my IKEA’s knife and slice the rolls of fats out from my body and donate it to people in Africa. Im pretty sure they need it more than me. No joke.

So back to my Taobao’s Talent. I wanted to buy something. Yeah. I needed to spend money but guilty on surging them on things useless. Having that wake up call helped….I bought something called the weight hoops.









I used to hoop at home for 30 minutes everyday for 2 years. No wonder I always have a relatively okay waist line even binging on food. Now that I’m in beijing, i stopped. So yeah, imagine two years…not exercising….One lump of fats.

I was damn happy to get this hoop and started “hooping” at home.

omg, it was so different from what i used to hoop… I got a heavier one this time…and fuck! just after a mere 30 minutes of hooping, my waist hurts the next day. Im resting it now and will resume it tomorrow.

Yay. say hey to my new regimen! hoop and hoop and hoop! WOOTZ!