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Marry me?

At different stages of life, there’s a trend dedicated for your age group.

Sweet Sixteen: In SG, that’s something you look forward to. Because you get to watch NC16 movies. You are so very proud to present your ID when asked at the counter whether you hit the “benchmark”. That also mean you probably had your first kiss or your second boyfriend lala.

Yay I’m Eighteen! : Congratulations! You get to buy alcohol and cigarettes… and WE GET TO HAVE OUR DRIVING LICENSE! We start to book BTT and then off we go for our first practical. Also, that means…..we are YOUNG ADULTS! we get to go clubs, dance, drink and have fun without worrying we get caught for using borrowed IDs. Oh, we get to watch M18 movies. HAHA Lol! And you get news of your friends getting shotgun marriage…blah blah.

Freedom= Twenty-One: Ta-Dah! R21 movies….. We get to watch breast and butts officially. We have overrated birthday celebrations with cakes of more than two tiers…lol….

And where I am right now. Where I hear friends applying for flats (?!), friends getting married(?!), friends getting pregnant (?!)…..and look, I’m still studying for my bachelor. Seriously? Why are you people so ahead of time?or rather, SO AHEAD OF ME! Hmpf!

Sometimes when I get the news, I was like rehearsing at the back of head what should I say if they are inviting me for their weddings. Usually I’ll be like…”ah, Im in Beijing during your wedding! Awww!” —-and I made myself fade away slowly into the background listening to their wows and booms about wedding preparations and how did the proposal go.

Although I always ask if M is going to marry me (LOL), that thought of it actually becoming a reality is relatively quite far away from what we are now. Getting hitched is actually another big responsibility of not only two people, but involves two families. And also, you cannot be financially handicapped to get married, right? I mean, I wouldn’t want my family to pay for the wedding fees…. Err, sorry for my OCD. I don’t like family paying for me and Im still a poor student.

But friends of mine just went straight into marriage…




The Beijinger_Photos

I don’t know why I’ve dedicated one post especially for the house renting in beijing. It was a favour asked from the Ayi living above me to help her out in advertising the apartments.

I need to stress about this point : I am not an agent. I am an international undergraduate from Singapore studying in Beijing Normal University and lives in a studio apartment 10 minutes walk from the college.

And also that these photos uploaded here are just for your reference. They were taken in September 2012 and probably have already been rented out. Just in case you have doubts in the size of these apartments, they are usually 38 square metre. The unusual case would be a bigger apartments with two bedrooms, one toilet and one living room.

The rent here ranges from 3800rmb to 4300rmb(IMPT:If this is out of your budget, please do not email/text me——sorry I don’t mean to appear nasty..but it happened twice to me that people had wasted my time–like i’ve mentioned above, I am not an agent…so… spare me the gruel torture of running here and there and ended up you’re not renting.)




If you’re interested after looking at all those photos and felt that you are interested… text/email me accordingly as mentioned in Thebeijinger.

The address is : 小西天,五月华庭. Feel free to google map it 😉


Till then x