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I know I’m a day late and given that I update this blog once in a while, i think it’s pretty good that it’s only a day late. Haha.

This year Thanskgiving was a real one. How so? 

I have so much to give thanks for this past one year I don’t even know where to start.

My life revolves around those same things. Family, boyfriend, studies and cash.

I know there are a lot of you out there went out to have awesome meals. Spent a few hundred bucks( SGD, USD, RMB) on a full course meal revolves around turkey, that big birdy. 

&initially we wanted to have roasted peking duck for an early thanksgiving because m and I have class till very late on thursday. Well, twists and turns—that fucking ridiculous shop just decided to fail us with some technical problems which resulted in shop closed. Wow. How lucky were we?

But this year’s thanksgiving meant so much to me that I’ve decided to make it special.

No turkey? No problem, I’ve chicken. Still birdy, yah?

So I started to chop carrots, onions, broccoli and mushrooms. Marinate the chicken with generous amount of butter and salt.

Sent them into the oven when I reached home at 8.30pm. Took 1.5hours for a well roasted brown bird.

Had dinner at 10pm.

Late, but awesome.

ImageThis meal is less than 100rmb but we had fun ripping the chicken.

Nothing beats sitting with your dearest, biting piping hot drumstick with your bare hands.

Other m… im most thankful for my pp and gg. Thank you for your unfailing love for me. You people have spoilt me entirely for the past two decades. I love you all.