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Fuck You, China Thief

After hearing friends around me of iphone being stolen by the PRCs here in beijing, I’m always on my fucking guard. I make sure my iPhone is always in my pocket at the intervals of 5 minutes each. Other than the cost of an iphone is expensive, it means so much to me because it was a gift from my grandparents for my 21st birthday.

It was expensive because they bought it without a plan.

I don’t know about you…but living in china since Sept 2010, china has NEVER EVER given me any good or precious memory (excluding Matt, duh)

I’m sure there are good people out there. I am so damn sure, but I never get to meet them. Mainlanders here have always given me negative impressions of them.

You walk on the roads and you see banners asking citizens of this shithole to be someone who cares blah blah, to uphold the goodness of china.. SERIOUSLY? Pui.

I wanna rage so much at this country right now. So so much that i think words cannot describe how the fuck I am feeling.

Dude, you need to get your iphone stolen to know how i feel. Fuck you—to the person who stole my phone. I hope you have a mouth full of ulcers. I hope when you use my iphone your hands will itch and rashes appear. I hope you couldn’t have a good night of sleep because angels of mine are peeing at your face. And if you are a guy, i hope you’ll never have a boner. If you’re someone with a vagina, i hope you get yeast infection.



iPad mini

hola everyone!
2012 ended and its 2013!!!!

I’ve started my new year with plenty of snacks from the US and a white iPad mini with a pink s,art cover

All thanks to love!!!!!!



Hope you guys have an awesome holiday !!!