Little Things

There are so many things in life that we are not happy about, not satisfied with.

Today I accompanied my grandmomo for her physiotherapy session at SGH and I’ve observed my unknown source of frustration overwhelmed me the whole trip.

I have absolutely no idea where my frustration origins from. I was JUST. FRUSTRATED.

I get mad at my grandmomo for crossing at  a roundabout…without checking for ongoing cars. I shouted at her, ” POPO! Stop crossing the roads LIKE THAT“.. I was CLEARLY very mad.

After her physiotherapy, she wanted to wait for shuttle bus. I got MAD AGAIN. I told her, ” wahlao, queue so long, wait until our turn we already reach the mrt liao (if we walked)” We waited for 15 minutes or so…..

While I rested, the whole frustration scene keep replaying in my mind. I was overwhelmed with guilt, I could literally feel the guilt eating me up giving me the goosebumps.

I guess I was just being an asshole.

I felt really terrible. I love my grandmoma SO MUCH. Everyone who knows me knows how important she is to me. Yet how i treated her today, totally couldn’t speak for how much I loved her. I’m sorry grandma.

I will be extra mindful of my actions. I love you popo, so so much.



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