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I am da Boss

I hate it when M shuts me up with his work. Really.

I know it’s hard working in the society. It’s hard working for a boss. It’s hard trying to finish up work you need for the next day. It’s all hard-work, and believe me, I know.

I just don’t like it how M always uses work as an excuse. Like, “baby, shhh, im need to do my work now” or when I asked him to do something like slapping the pillows when it dropped beside, he would be like ” baby, i don’t have time for this, I’m doing work”.

WORK WORK WORK. Shut up, really.

I get really cheesed off with things like that. Because I have things on my plate, too.

A lot of random thoughts ran through my head while I was changing the bedsheets. I recalled my friend telling me to “live my age”.. Right, live my age. I’m twenty three in may, I need to live like a twenty three. I shouldn’t be worrying about lights in my house, doing two person laundry etc. I should be out with my friends.

I sound like I’m complaining…but it is really just pure whines. I’m gonna work around this work thing and let matt knows IM DA BOSS.I do almost everything in this house so i guess I have the right to let him know, “hey, stop your work excuse.”

Every men in this world should honour their wives or their girlfriends. Because really, our lives don’t revolve around you men.



I am so funny

Booyeh. China for the third year straight. I am still going strong. &tbh I’m actually enjoying my lifestyle here ATM except the pollution and freaking uncivilised creatures.

I was so bored just now that I re-read my post about my iphone got stolen. Man, I was so lenient in cursing that person who stole my phone. Just a lil update on that, FindMyiPhone sent me an email one week later saying that someone just deleted my phone data. Yay Apple, you are SO BLOODY capable. That stupid app has NO USE AT ALL. Okay, perhaps when you drop your phone under the bed and couldnt find it. So I’ve concluded that the best way to avoid your phone get stolen is to not bring your phone out at all and if you must, tug it in your underwear. 

and the best way to get over your lost phone is to buy another one.

Trust me, that’s the most effective way of getting over it. Because I had to use my blackberry for a week or two before i got my new iphone5 and the pain of losing it didnt cease till the second i paid for my new phone

Speaking of iPhone5, MEH. Everyone around me knows im an avid supporter for Apple. I LOVE APPLE with ALL my heart. I have apple products ranging from mp3 to laptops to ipads to phones. But really, iphone5 wasnt that SPECTACULAR. Coming from someone like me, yeah it MEANS alot. I was nearly….very close to getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Note 2 was huge, was newer, was (in a sense) better. It was a close fight between iPhone 5 and Samsung Note 2, the former won by just one deciding factor. I blame it on my faithfulness for Apple and my laziness. Because I am using all apple products for my gadgets, i felt like it was easier to sync all my data with an iPhone 5 rather than Note2 which uses Andriod system. I hate having to type all my contacts one by one into note2 and all. So I bought my iPhone 5 in the end.

The recent release of Samsung galaxy S4 JUST MAKE MY IPHONE 5 LOOKS LIKE A TOY. Wtf. It was so power pack. So good. IF apple is not having some serious reflection on this, I am going to be a samsung fan. Really. So lets hope that steve jobs appears in tim cook’s dreams and let him know what are the possible ways to overtake samsung.

Personal updates later. I need to drink my herbal soup. toddles