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Grand Arrival~~~


It’s funny how the last post was also “BACK AGAIN” then I disappeared for like more than half a year and here I am saying, “DUDE IM BACK AGAIN.”


So. I was on a hiatus. I shut down my blog and I thought I wasn’t going to be here forever. I’m back in less than a year. I don’t miss blogging, I missed having to read my posts. YEP IMMA BIG FAN OF MY OWN BLOG HAHAHAHHAA.

I try not to regret what I have had done over the years… but really.. shutting the blog was one of my biggest mistakes. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking and I’m regretting it big time. I didn’t get to re-live my hilarious moments through my blog. Big sigh.

June is ending in one week. What the hell? I thought it has just started!!! and my student visa ends on July 31. Wow. Time rocketed.

I’ve more or less figured things out and I really hope I can stay in Beijing for a bit to craft out my own career. Most people were right, when we were out of Singapore, our horizons widened, we see things differently and I cannot beg everyone to agree on my stand. As long as I know I’m not fighting this battle alone, I think I’m good. My family weren’t very supportive of my decision to stay in Beijing, but I think that doesn’t hinder me from trying. For I know I will regret if I did not even try for myself.

It’s hard, people says. But I never thought it would be THIS hard. It’s tough, to go against what has been planned for you. And sometimes you wonder, if you were making the right choice.

Maybe this is what they call the quarter life crisis. HAHAHA.