I came back for a few things and one of it is to attend a seminar held by my professors in college. Because I’m so ridiculous like that, I signed myself up for the seminar. It’s free because I told my professor I want to attend and she said I could attend, but I have to help her during the course.

So i thought it’s just helping out doing some sai-kang work. I forgot I’m talking about china here, my professor made me do so much i felt like I’m one of the organisers. Lol.

What did I bring home from the seminar? Well, I learnt how to maximise my body so I could hang as many goody bags, to come up with weird solutions to questions I don’t even understand just because my prof told me “let them whatever you know about this course. you’ve done that in your senior year! go go go!” Oh. I forgot how I used to slog my life away for my prof when everyone else is writing their thesis.

Aiyoh. I kinda miss the life and couldn’t help but to wonder what’s going to happen to me next. What is my next phase of life?

When I was young, I wanted to grow up so bad. I wanted dress myself up in pretty clothes and high heels. I wanted to be able to take control of my life like an adult.

and now that I’ve reached that certain age where Im old enough to do what I like, and to take control of my life entirely, I felt unsure, and insecure.

Like I want to chicken out from those aspirations that I used to have when I was young. I just want to be provided for and I want live the life like a lil kid with no responsibility. Ah. those carefree moments.

Just let me indulge in my world for a few more days…….


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