Little Things

There are so many things in life that we are not happy about, not satisfied with.

Today I accompanied my grandmomo for her physiotherapy session at SGH and I’ve observed my unknown source of frustration overwhelmed me the whole trip.

I have absolutely no idea where my frustration origins from. I was JUST. FRUSTRATED.

I get mad at my grandmomo for crossing at  a roundabout…without checking for ongoing cars. I shouted at her, ” POPO! Stop crossing the roads LIKE THAT“.. I was CLEARLY very mad.

After her physiotherapy, she wanted to wait for shuttle bus. I got MAD AGAIN. I told her, ” wahlao, queue so long, wait until our turn we already reach the mrt liao (if we walked)” We waited for 15 minutes or so…..

While I rested, the whole frustration scene keep replaying in my mind. I was overwhelmed with guilt, I could literally feel the guilt eating me up giving me the goosebumps.

I guess I was just being an asshole.

I felt really terrible. I love my grandmoma SO MUCH. Everyone who knows me knows how important she is to me. Yet how i treated her today, totally couldn’t speak for how much I loved her. I’m sorry grandma.

I will be extra mindful of my actions. I love you popo, so so much.



Fresh Air

Greetings from my awesome sunny island!!!! Love this country of mine!!!


M is coming here for a short vacation and visits my family… Shall post updates here !

Officially the Water Dragon Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! (:

Nah, this is not a duplicate from the previous CNY post 🙂

If you guys know, Chinese New Year has officially ended on monday 6th Feb 2012. Yeah, that day is commonly known to chinese as 元宵节. As it’s the 15th day of the New year, the moon is full and especially bright. Family gather together for dinner and also to spend time with each other. People I know have families that will only meet once or twice a year and that is during Chinese New Year and Christmas. While others a little more…

What I’m honestly very thankful for is that my family members see each other almost everyday (lol). Yeah. I have a family consists of eight .. My grandparents, my mom ,and uncle, his wife, my bro, my cousin and myself.  And we have this ‘tradition’ in my family that we will be back home for dinner every night if my grandma cooked.  Oh, and also on birthdays. I guess when family is small, it’s easier? Aiyah, I think that’s mainly because my grandpa is darn strict on that lah…So yeah …. 😡

Btw, i have no point. lol..


Below is a collage I’ve made…



This pretty much sums up my CNY for 2012. Not very exciting like a lot of people, but it’s an awesome opportunity for me to spend time with my family especially with my mom (:

As I aged (gracefully) over the years, things that had once been very important weren’t that important anymore. Maybe that’s life where you learn to let things go over time and to realize that there are actually a lot of things that holds much more value as compared to the pearl necklace Im wearing or the designer bag that you’ve eyed on. Expectations fall short but life goes on. What I need is to learn…to smile everyday…for the little things happen each day.

(: Love…Keeks

My mama says imma good girl…not

actually, I don’t know why I’ve written this title. lol

so…How’s YOUR chinese new year?

Man, this can easily top my ‘most boring’ event of the year.

Boring…yeh. very boring. Dint do much… stayed at home most of the time… went out once to do house visiting. But as lots say, amidst all the boring stuffs, there bound to have what you call the “silver lining”…so the silver lining is actually to spend loads and loads of time together with family.

This cny is/was in fact the worst for me. I do not feel well most of the time (even now). My eyes and nose are a fucked show. Honestly, I am sleepy ALL THE TIME. How can that happen? Like seriously, if you ask matt, I talk to him every minute or so…and will sleep in a second. WHAT THE FUCK?

I don’t know what’s going on in my body…do you? 😦


I really don’t know what I’m doing

I apologize for weird headings all the time 

Wow. for the past 5 months, I have yet to experience such fast speed internet. It took literally less than 20 seconds to have my photos uploaded. What does it tell you……Singapore is forever better than China….in some ways.

Like I kinda like Beijing’s cooling weather…(Note, Cooling. not freezing) Singapore’s humility is killing me….. It makes me so hot and sticky. Eww, have to take like 2 showers per day. Oh did I mention that I do not have to shiver in the bathroom right after I come out from the cubicle ? yeah. You get the idea. Either this or that. Your life is balanced like that. Not too much happiness nor sadness. Life should be like that. Why does that statement reminds me of China? Eh. I did not mention that China caused economics imbalance….. Opps. Did I say something I should not? Hee.

So I came back from Beijing a few days ago…. and I’m totally loving my life here. Like, seriously. Even though the weather made me sweat like dog….(Digress a lil, have you ever had this experience whereby you tried to type Dog and you ended up typing God? and when you wanna type GOD, you ended up typing DOG? Oops, that just happened again…..unintentionally.)

As random as I am, I’ve created something…………….ahahaahahhaa.. tell me if you know what that is.

I just find it amusing that I have such “artistic” talent I dun even know. Lol



wow so artistic! People said that you’ve reached an artistically awesome level when you don’t know what they are drawing/painting/creating. Yeah….I can totally relate to that….’Cus i simply have no idea what the fuck I just did there. 


Thanks for reading my random post. Bye.