Okay. So spring time is here in Beijing, not for long I guess. Facebook is an excellent platform to keep in contact with your friends all over the world and ironically, it’s also a good source to make frustrate you over littlest things like the luxury of eating char Kway tiao, Hokkien mee, laksa, nasi lemak etc. And recently I get really zeaaalous of friends who travelled either Korea or Japan OR BOTH just to catch Sakuraaaaaaaa. Some even caught geisha walking on the streets of Kyoto.

RIGHT. All I have here in Beijing is POLLUTED SMOGGY AIR, spits, and BIRD FLU.

Yay, bird flu.

So one day… THAT one day when the sky was ridiculously blue and clear of smog, I HAD TO–I JUST HAD TO grab my camera and cabbed down to 玉渊潭(Yu yuan tan park) where it’s known for its Sakura blossoms…FLOWWWWERRS.

And yes, I get my fair share of Sakuraaaaaaaas raining down my ginormous head. very cool.



I am so funny

Booyeh. China for the third year straight. I am still going strong. &tbh I’m actually enjoying my lifestyle here ATM except the pollution and freaking uncivilised creatures.

I was so bored just now that I re-read my post about my iphone got stolen. Man, I was so lenient in cursing that person who stole my phone. Just a lil update on that, FindMyiPhone sent me an email one week later saying that someone just deleted my phone data. Yay Apple, you are SO BLOODY capable. That stupid app has NO USE AT ALL. Okay, perhaps when you drop your phone under the bed and couldnt find it. So I’ve concluded that the best way to avoid your phone get stolen is to not bring your phone out at all and if you must, tug it in your underwear. 

and the best way to get over your lost phone is to buy another one.

Trust me, that’s the most effective way of getting over it. Because I had to use my blackberry for a week or two before i got my new iphone5 and the pain of losing it didnt cease till the second i paid for my new phone

Speaking of iPhone5, MEH. Everyone around me knows im an avid supporter for Apple. I LOVE APPLE with ALL my heart. I have apple products ranging from mp3 to laptops to ipads to phones. But really, iphone5 wasnt that SPECTACULAR. Coming from someone like me, yeah it MEANS alot. I was nearly….very close to getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Note 2 was huge, was newer, was (in a sense) better. It was a close fight between iPhone 5 and Samsung Note 2, the former won by just one deciding factor. I blame it on my faithfulness for Apple and my laziness. Because I am using all apple products for my gadgets, i felt like it was easier to sync all my data with an iPhone 5 rather than Note2 which uses Andriod system. I hate having to type all my contacts one by one into note2 and all. So I bought my iPhone 5 in the end.

The recent release of Samsung galaxy S4 JUST MAKE MY IPHONE 5 LOOKS LIKE A TOY. Wtf. It was so power pack. So good. IF apple is not having some serious reflection on this, I am going to be a samsung fan. Really. So lets hope that steve jobs appears in tim cook’s dreams and let him know what are the possible ways to overtake samsung.

Personal updates later. I need to drink my herbal soup. toddles



Chinese Education In Singapore

I always wonder how brains work. With those neuro nerve endings packed in a tiny puny flesh. Like when I was working back in the pharmacy, a lot people asked ” How do they(drugs) know where they are heading to?”. Honestly, i cannot really figure out even though we had intensive modules teaching how different reactors will attach themselves to specific drugs. How anti-histamines actually know their ways to histamines. Maybe that’s the reason I was never good in this field, because I simply cannot understand.

It has been 2 years since I left school in SG. I have never regret my choice in coming to China, I have never doubt if this was what I want to do for the rest of my life. It was never a mistake on my part. even though to a lot of people, I’m just pushing myself too hard in acquiring the skills for being a chinese teacher. A lot of people said that there’re SO MANY freaking chinese people who are up for that job, WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?  What makes you want to take double their pay? Who WANTS to pay YOU when they can get cheaper and better chinese teachers?

To me it’s like a questions of asking if Americans are perfect in their English. No offense , but it is known that majority of them speak English with good accent. They are not always grammatically correct.

I’m not saying I type or speak with perfect grammars. M still corrects me now and then.

My point is— even if you’re a native speaker of a certain language , it doesn’t mean you know how to teach.

It’s even harder to be a good teacher.

And being a good teacher does not mean teaching in good/elite schools producing excellent results.

Of course I am not trying to eliminate the efforts teachers put in for the excellency.

Singapore is known for its World Class Education — my foot.

I don’t know how many students committed suicides each day because of the stress. PSLE, O Levels, A Levels. We study for these “ultimate” exams. We are “programmed” to study for these. Ten years series, five years series are our companions.

Over the years, chinese has increasingly becoming more and more important. Even LKY said we need to  improve on our chinese language.

But what exactly did we do to improve?

By introducing CLB? Lol. Contents for this language is LAME. They always tell us ” What we are doing now is to equip you with world class knowledge to compete internationally”


Which country is best in Chinese? China, right?

Lemme tell you, what we had learnt for chinese for those ten years in our school years ain’t even 10% of what the PRCs study.

It’s really time to revamp the syllabus for chinese.

That’s also my ultimate goal in life——to change the damn chinese syllabus in MOE. They always want to “equip” us. Yeah, equip the elites what. They get best jobs in Singapore and ended up having paid sex with minors (Oops).

See. Our “so called” high ranking officers…. Cannot get girlfriends/wifes to satisfy their needs, have to go out for ‘sweet young thing with cup C sized tits” lol

I told M the other day that being Bilingual is not enough these days. They can only get you THIS far, not THAT far. Trilingual at least for my kids(in the future)

It’s time to change the way we look at things. English may be important, but chinese has also increasingly become more important. I’m lucky to have grandpa. I’m lucky to have awesome teachers.

I will slowly work my way up, suckers.

Wind blow wind


good day everyone. blogging from sculpting in time near Beijing normal university on my iPhone! today’s windy day in Beijing! windbreaker, everyone!!!!! I heard from class 95fm that it’s raining heavily in Singapore! aww brolly people in sg!!!!!!!!
class in the afternoon was cancelled!

sipping americano and enjoying my afternoon without lesson.

very dang because I did not bring my MacBook. could have blogged about more yummy food! will head home soon for that!

I hope u smarties are enjoying your Thursday! one more day to weekends! HANG IN THERE!!!:)

Two Degrees

Basically the temperature right now is 2 Degree Celsius which is about 36 Fahrenheit. Urm, in Beijing.

Winter is probably going to end soon.Given my previous experience with the weather in this city, I would say… the temperature is maybe going to remain below 20 degree celsius until end of april.

My second winter in Beijing was more bearable than the previous year’s. Winter during the first year was literally all about cracked lips and heels, dry and itchy skin , sore throat etc. The only good thing of it was near-to-perfect skin due to the dry air here.

The coldest period will probably be in January to February —I would say the coldest during CNY. Temperature will drop to negative 15 degree celsius. When the cold is piercing right through your bones.

Since last year November, I’ve decided not to undergo the “pain” I went through in 2010. So I came up with those basic essentials skincare regimen and forced myself through.

It has been 5 months already. My face is not peeling and is sufficiently moisturized throughout this winter.


My skins are very sensitive and i had been using KOSE… Stopped using them because that’s very expensive!

A student shouldnt be spending so much on these!

So I changed them to these not so expensive brands…and yeah, proven to be as good!


I used Eucerin Toner – Eucerin products are recommended for people with very sensitive skin. They can be used on baby , too! ( I mean other products from Eucerin la….i have not heard of baby needs to apply toner lo…)This toner helps to clear the skin and prevent blemishes. The 2% Lactic Acid helps to clear your pores without over drying your skin! I love it because it doesn’t give my skin a very tight feeling.

Follows by Laneige Moisturizer. I do not use Laneige Toner because I am sensitive to it… and because I bought a set from korea, so i had to chunk the toner away…( Anyone wants free Laneige Toner? It’s unopened. unused. PM me for that! ) Moisturizer..hmmm…. just moisturize my face lor. I use it because it smells really nice and doesnt give me rashes. and also it keeps my face moisturized for like..maybe up to 7 hours  in the cold…then will start to feel….dry.

After moisturizing, I use Loreal White Perfect. I used this because my friend had introduced it to me and after using it, can really see that those uneven brown spots have slightly faded.

And after my day cream, I apply my sunblock.

Sometimes I use the sunblock from Loreal and other days I use Nivea. It all depends on the day itself … Whether the sun is out to kill me or not. Will use Loreal sunblock if i happen to go out at around 11plus-1plus pm. Because that’s when the sun is really strong. Loreal’s sunblock has an SPF of 50 while Nivea’s SPF 30+. I know it doesnt sound like that’s a big difference… but do your know that if you those sunblock smeared on your face are not “use” like literally, there’s a higher chance of you getting skin cancer ? I dunno how true is that. But I grew up knowing that. So better be safe than sorry hor? hhaha

Oh….then the lil bottles you see in the photo are my night cream and eye serum cream.

So my routine at night is Toner+ Moisturizer+Night Cream+eye serum cream

Eye serum cream from The body shop. Gotten that because I had to burn midnight oil somedays…and that resulted in eye bags. freaking eye bags and dark eye rings are my biggest enemies. haha.

So basically, those products can get you through beijing’s gruesome winter pretty easily without peeling a skin at really damn affordable prices!


Other than having a skincare regimen to protect your face, you will need lots of butter for your body.

I usually use Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop.

No photo here. Because my butter are kinda gross used by me.

Apply those butter right after you dry yourself from shower. They really keep you moisturized for up to a day! Seriously! No itchy skin or peeling skin! Promised!


On the go.

This is what you actually to survive Beijing if you’re here on tour…or living here for a long long time 😛

That’s essentials to have in your bag wherever you go in Beijing during winter.

1: L’Occitane Hand Cream for Dry Skin with 20% Shea Butter. I love this because they really omg keep your hands so moisturized!!!!No more peelings..Really.

2: Wet Tissues. You can get it anywhere, actually. I am very anal about my stuffs…So i will usually buy loads in Singapore to have them brought back..Wet tissues are UBER impt in your beijing life. You just want to keep your hands CLEAN.

3: Tissues.You need to have lots of them. For toilet usage or whatever. Just have them in your bag.

4: Elizabeth Arden 8 hours protection cream. They are god damn awesome. I’ve used SO MANY stupid brands of lip balm or whatsoever, NOTHING beats the shit outta this cream. This is god like. Must have to prevent chapped lips. Seriously.

5: Your metro card for buses and trains. For cheap rides. hahahaha

6: Water bottle. I do not like the water of china. But I still have to survive. So i have like huge water dispenser at home and boiled them…and keep them in bottles like this to drink. It’s always good to have a bottle of water with you.

7:Sunglass. Need not elaborate much. The sun is horrendous sometimes in the winter. They irritate my eyes.

8: Dettol hand sanitizer. You need them when you want your hands to be germs free. Because you really dun know if your hands get dirtier after washing them in the public or what. Just in case, you know.

Optionals (that i always bring, too):

1: Throat lozenges. I usually have the dequalin pastilles with me. Because of the air here, your throat gets dry and irritating. So you may want to suck on one of these pastilles to soothes your throat. I bought mine in Singapore, all the time. Unless it runs out, I will be forced to get them at watsons. They do not have dequalin here. I’ll get those local ones :/

2: Mask. I’ll bring at least one one-time-use mask all the time. When the air gets bad, at least, psychologically,  I am comforted by the fact that i will not be breathing in too much of those poisons.

Hahahaha. About all 🙂

Oh. will be useful if you have an iPhone with you all the time. (Just saying….)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

🙂 Survive in beijing!!!! 🙂