Blessed Birthday to Me (Annie’s @ sanlitun)

Hello. Blessed Birthday to me!!!!!! ^^

And No, it’s not my birthday today. It was exactly two weeks ago. Okay, i appreciate your kind wishes.HAHA.

So I’ve officially turned twenty two !!!!!!!

Here’s a huge ass photo of me with a special cake prepared my lovely friends cum neighbors (:

Oh, ignore the background please. It’s usually VERY CLEAN OKAY!!!

Thank You Thank You friends. No amount of thanks will  be enough!Thanks for remembering it’s my birthday and also for the effort to surprise me!!!!!

I think i do owe an apology  to them. Okay the story is actually like this: We heard someone knocking on our gate furiously shortly after we stepped into our house. I was very paranoid and jumped onto the bed telling M NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR. lolol!!! He was like, WHY? i will open it and if that person is looking for you, i will tell him/her that you are sleeping , okay?! My reply was, NO DONT YOU DAREEEEEEEEEE….And so he proceeded to the toilet for a big shit and the knockings continued..until i saw my phone ringing…IT WAS THEN THAT IT STRUCK ME THAT…OHHHHH..ITS HER AT THE DOOR AH.

So i hurriedly opened the door for them…the first thing i got from them was ” WAH LAO. NOW THEN OPEN THE DOOOOOOR”


ANYWAYS. Yeah. Let’s skip the part where M was taking a big shit in the toilet. HAHA.

And the when it was 12:00AM, M jumped on me with a loud ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABBBBBBBBBBY” Siao. really. I was shocked. I was doing my work while he launched the attack on me. wtf. Very sweet honey :’)


M and I had my birthday dinner at Annie’s @ Sanlitun , AGAIN!!! Yeah. We love that place soooo much!

If you hadn’t read my previous post on Annies, click here 

Ordered their buffalo wings again. hahaha. their wings NEVER disappoints. So mmmmm juicy and well marinated!

Mashed potato from the children’s menu LOL When it came, it looked so much like a un-fermentated dough. Lol…. upon asking…they went ” oh mashed potato..from the children’s menu” -_-“”” Have to remind me that i ordered that children’s menu? Why the judgmental tone? children’s menu must be for kids meh? :p Hurr!

Oh but trust me, this mashed potato is DA BOMB. Boooomz… so good!

PIZZZZA. annie’s pizza, literally. It’s called the annie’s pizza. M and I loooooooove it so much because its so meaty. MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT can never understand how anyone would go vegetarian. Seriously, no meat no fun! ^^

Beef lasagna omg i keep typing it as lazania FML. hahahha. This is also da bombzzzz. SO NICE LEH the fillings omg!

I have to admit that we ordered a tad too much for two persons… :/ Like the usual M and i…. we always over-order never once under order. Really 😦

Unfortunately we were so full that we had a few pieces of pizza left!!!! We ta-bao-ed that and gave it to a homeless man on our way to sanlitun. On our way to the village, m said ” Its a good gesture to give the food for the homeless, but wouldnt it be too rich for the man?” Lmao, he thinks too much sometime. Hahahaha

This time round, i would give Annie’s a 8/10.

2 points deducted for :

1) their “gelato” ice-cream. Remember the last post i raved SO much about their ice cream!?!?! that the texture was sticky and the taste was so rich? this time round, gosh, they gave us NESTLE ice cream. Wtf. and upon asking, it happened that they have been using the nestle’s one. However, I strongly believe in my taste bud. The ice cream really did not tasted so trashy. M didn’t feel it though 0_x

2) there’s always room for improvement!

Overall, i had a really good and blessed twenty two. Thank you dearest M and friends who had wished me on this very special day! 🙂 Love you all! XX

Pweety hor? HAHA! joke.



Ganges Indian Restaurant-Take 2

Update. wow. this is epic. today is 20th May already. Lol. 

Oh Gosh. Procrastination has since worsened from the previous post!!!!! Whuuuuuuuuut!!!!!! I’ve been meaning to finish my post before last week…. But… Sigh. Hopeless. I always have an unusual traffic of excuses of not blogging…like, I have MORE important things to do at that moment(which I can tell you, reduce to nothing. Really. It just got reduced to NOTHING). Yeah. From IMPORTANT to an absolute nothing. I would rather waste my time away by staring into space and STILL able to come up with weird logics to be laaaaaaaazzzzzeeeeee.

Alright. Cut the nonsense and straight to the point.

This entry as stated, will be on Ganges!! Yeah, AGAIN!!!! We went back on a Sunday afternoon(should be the one before labour’s day’s weekday). This time round, I went with M. He had never eaten indian food in his 24+++++ years of life. So he had his first indian food with me!!!!

Firstly, just in case you don’t already know, the first time I went there with another two singaporean friends and Ganges had actually overcharged us by 50RMB.(Ya ya ya. what’s 50 rmb to you richie right. But it’s a lot to me, leh!)

And how the story goes, you can read it here and here

Anyhow. Lets get started.

We went into the restaurant with waiters shoveled us into a weird corner which is very near to the kitchen/toilet.

I think I had a bad headache that day and the sound of the loud ventilation going on inside the kitchen worsened it. So I had the waiter to change our table to the smaller table in front of “the stage”. Went to look for wudaokou’s branch manager, Gyan  and told him about our situation because Ms Hetal, the overall(?) in charged contacted me and had the overcharged thingy solved.

Ended up, the drinks we had were on the house and a 10rmb off our entire bill with a refund of 50rmb. M raved about their service and said that “it was too kind of them”. Which i agreed, because what they had offered was beyond an excellent service. They could have just had our drinks on the house(which I really really think it’s enough), but they still refunded us the 50rmb and 10rmb off the bill…and wait……

they served us butter chicken curry AND naan after we paid!!!!!!


THAT’S FRANKLY…TOO KIND OF THEM. Seriously! I was taken aback with the generosity, i think m too.

I gotta be honest here, we are in the “great” land of china…. such service that Ganges has provided was phenomenal.  And their service is really…. the best in Beijing——so far.

They have recently been award by thebeijinger for the best indian food—WHICH I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! I’ve seen restaurants being voted and awarded at thebeijinger which I’ve found to be OVERRATED. But man, Ganges,totally 实至名归!!!!

They should have won in the category of service. BAGUS ah!!!!!!!!!

So Mr Gyan started off by showing me the bill previously.. Oh wells. Really had no idea why we paid 271rmb instead of 221. Okay lets move on

the same tandoori chicken as the previous post. M and I loved it lots! Well, M just love chicken :/!

this time round we ordered garlic naan because M just felt like having it. it was oiler than the original naan but i am not a health conscious freak 😛 I love this because i love garlic , and the naan smelt sooooooo good. it was crispy and IMHO, i love it on its own! just pure goodness. Not too floury .

This is Chicken kadhai. M chose this. It tasted just like the red curry i had the previous time. Nothing special.

Better view of the tandoori chicken..

this is the butter curry and original naan ON DA HOUSE!!!!! TBH, this butter curry is better than the chicken kadhai we had! And if it wasnt that my stomach was bursting , i would have licked off every single sauce! man, the curry was wasn’t too spicy and it is kinda sweet. Very refreshing to have it with the original naan!

buttery curry. Mr Gyan was too kind to ask if i could take this because he knew i am  lactose intolerant. 🙂 Thanks Mr Gyan! I was okay after the meal !

as i said earlier, we sat on a table very near to the mini platform stage thingy. didnt know that it was REALLY a stage.this chinese woman dressed up as a bollywood belly dancer and started to belly her way through. Well , it was a spectacular dance…but…chinese dancing indian dance…Hmm.. i still prefer the original. With jasmine flowers tied to her long plaited hair, ornaments on her nose and belly button…. Hmm this one… still have a long way to go.

HAHA. wanted to take a photo with Mr Gyan…but upon knowing that i will post it up here, he rejected me :/ Nevermind! so i had one with m outside the restaurant…..hahah. Look at m’s funny look. heh

All in all, we had an awesome meal. M has been raving about it…and keep saying that ” this so and so curry is not as good as ganges’!!!” —ha! speaking like a curry guru eh! :p

anyway, hope you had a good time reading and have a GREAT time if you happened to go there for your meals!

Once again, thank you Ganges for such awesome meal WITH awesome service! Thank you! 

Italian Restaurant – Annie’s

This was saved in my wordpress on 30th April 2012. As of today (4th May 2012), it has been laying here in my feeder UNTOUCHED. *ouch

Yeah yeah… I always have this POWDERFUL trail in me…that is called the….procrastination. Oh yeah baby. This condition has since worsened after the labour holiday. really. I feel that my life is incomplete with essays and boring lectures to attend. Life sucks.

Okay. Lemme just go into details of the restaurant that imma review on.


M went to this restaurant near his workplace a couple of times with his co-workers for lunch and he (finally!) brought me there last friday! WOOHOOO!!!! Italian foood baby! 

I’ve heard lots…LOADS about ANNIE on the chinese twitter—weibo. Yeah, and recently I read that they won TheBeijinger’s awards….(Am i….right?) Or nominated?! I don’t know and I’m kinda lazy to check it out. So yeah. Lets just assume that it won the awards, ok?!


Annie’s has in fact won THREE awards. They are:



3)BEST VALUE FOR MONEY-Readers’ Choice 

When I saw “Best family friendly” restaurant, I freaked out. The first thing that ran through my mind was the tiny area with about…30 cm of space in between tables ….. :/ Wait, is 30 cm a lot? If it is…okay….maybe <30cm. Really. I think the staffs had difficulty in walking through them with plates on their hands. Oh, during our meals.. two kids were running around..THE ALREADY VERY SMALL SPACE. The lil girl still hid under one of the table.


Okay. Enough of that nightmare. I’ll do a “check-list” later.

Back to food. “Best italian affordable” restaurant. Hmm. Lets take a look what we ordered that night.

(Man. The process of uploading photos…is a BITCH in DA ass!!!!)

This is the complementary appetizer or snacks prepared by Annie’s. I have to tell you,the bread is awesome with the greenish sauce…(spinach+olive?!)Well toasted, crusts were very crispy and soft inside.

Their buffalo wings. I would say this is BY FAR the nicest buffalo wings I’ve ever had. Even better than the ones at sculpting in time. Wings were well marinated, size of the wings was just nice, skins were crispy and juice oozed out the first bite. Awesome!!!! The only down side of these already freaking awesome wings is its spiciness. If it could be a lil more spicy, it would be perfect! The price for this was 30-35 RMB i think ( That is the freaking problem of blogging it late. You don’t really rmb the price and name of dish anymore.)

This is a NAY for both M and I. We ordered this because this pasta had the MOST INGREDIENTS.LOL! We had totally forgotten the fact that creamy stuff in Beijing is -almost- unsafe. Don’t read me wrong, the pasta was nice, however it was a tad too heavy for M and I. First spoonful was good but subsequent spoonfuls were MEH. In singapore, we call it “jer-lat” (malay) and in chinese we call it 腻(很快吃腻了-will get sick of it very fast). M had a really bad tummyache after this. We had to rush home in cab :p Lesson learnt——stick to tomato based pasta in the future!

Pan-seared chicken wrapped with omelette. What Im about to say may disappoint you because M and I both love the spaghetti beside the chicken better. opps.

In our humble opinions, we thought that the spaghetti was even better than the one we had—creamy pasta. Boo.

Oh yah. the chicken….. Sorry! I was and still not a fan of that. Seriously. It tasted like awful chinese food. Wtf. I really did not like this a bit. this cost about 68RMB btw.

25 RMB for 3 scoops of Gelato. Man, this could easily top the 3 other dishes. We loved this lots and this is DEFINITELY going to be on our menu should we decide to pop by again.


You would think why would I give the chicken third position instead of the pasta. Well, I have to be fair. Even if I don’t love the chicken, i really loved the spaghetti and also I did mention that it was better than the pasta we ordered. So …. all in all, third position because the side dishes were really good!


Yes, I know that family-friendly restaurant means their meals are suitable for children,too. I know okay. I’m not an idiot. I’m just saying environment wise—isnt as friendly. If you meant by having children’s set meals listed in the menu is family friendly, then okay lor, yeah, they have children set meals.

If you based on other criteria, like the taste of the food ,whether kids love it or not, sorry, I don’t know. I’ll let you know 10 years down the road when I revisit Beijing with my kids and happens that Annie’s is still around. I’ll definitely let you know how my kids feel, okay? You feel better? Haha.


Best italian affordable…… HMMM. Is saizeriya italian food restaurant? I think their pasta were good—carbonara is fantastic even though they are creamy.

They are real cheap and serve awesome food. Okay, thebeijinger readers are expats and rich people. They don’t eat cheap and good food. I understand.(I’m having a separate blog post about this)

Anyhow, in my opinion,  it is definitely affordable when I convert the 40plus RMB for pasta into SGD. Which means to say, its like having a 8SGD pasta back at home. What? 8sgd is CHEAP. however, I have to always bear in mind that food in SG is indefinitely better than china’s. You really don’t know if their creams can be really trusted or if they contain enough melanin for you to turn brownish or blackish.

Buffalo Wings and Gelato—— affordable given their quality.

But I would not pay so much for lousy pasta and chicken main course.

3)BEST VALUE FOR MONEY-Readers’ Choice 

I have to say that they come in generous portions. There were 8 buffalo wings—which is a lot for 35-40rmb. Pasta were drenched with plenty of ingredients like bacons and mushrooms. There were more than 2 slices of chicken breast for the pan seared thingy.

Value for money…errr. Kinda.

If their pasta were nicer , Im definitely going there just for awesome pasta and wings and have my gelato for desserts. Muahhahaha.


All I can say about Annie’s is that I hope I will be surprised with their tomato based pasta the next time I visit. I told M that I really wanted to try their tomato based pasta.

That will be the deciding factor if i will become Annie’s regular.

Oh yes, the location of this Annie’s I went to…It’s near sanlitun. Situated in the same stretch as Hooters, just below Gungho! Pizza!


Alright. Thanks for reading! Au revoir!

[photos on my blog are taken with my iphone4. Apps Used: Camera+]


Im sitting in starbucks near ChaoYangMen Subway Station trying to sip the last bit of my Mocha Frap with my boy in front of me reading his fav china book :p Life is good 

We normally spend our saturdays on outings like going to various parks or…idk, and our sundays in a cafe doing work. However, every new cafe we go to, have their own flaws. Really.

By far, we’ve been to The Bridge Cafe, where their food were alright, not fantastic. Service suck, waiters and waitresses are like the ultimate retards of the whole universe. They are usually 10 times behind time. Needed some syrup for my Americano, came in only I have finished that. Wow. Brilliant.

this is the mistake of my entire soupy life. lol. This is the  legendary broccoli soup. Jeez, its like chunks and chunks of boiled broccoli being threw into a blender which result in broccoli paste. Yes. This soup tasted exactly like what it will taste after you mix the broccoli paste with hot water :/


I cannot remember if this was mine or matt’s. We ordered different kinda sandwiches, but they looked the same…..:/// Tasted decent. Bread can be found in places like April’s Gourmet or Jenny’s Lou.  Yeah.

Brownie. Price was 15 RMB or 20 RMB. The texture of the brownie was dry. Meh. Over-baked. Very horrible.

So, the food was so-so, nothing to rave about given that the service was shit too. :/

M and I tried to do our work for a bit, tried. Yeah. But the environment in Bridge cafe is totally not conducive for studying and doing your work. People around us are either practicing their bad chinese in horribly loud hoarse voice or having people to shout into their retarded phones for the other end to hear properly. Oh , and this place reeks of smoke, too.

M and I couldnt concentrate anymore , so we left in the middle of our work. Yucks.


After Bridge Cafe, we went to Sculpting in Time the following week. They have fast internet and really quiet enivornment. Most importantly , this place is free of smoke smell. Good.

However, the down side of S.I.T is price. Overpriced. Thinking of which , it may be the reason why the crowd is lesser than Bridge cafe. This cafe is slightly less affordable for students on a weekly basis(I feel). We spent 145RMB that day for a 4 hours study session (including the eating time). We ordered French Fries, Chicken wings combo, their S.I.T fruit tea and coke float. A hefty amount to be spent on those food, ya?

This is the chicken wings in the chicken combo which also includes the nachos below.

Pathetic size, I know. I wonder if Sculpting in time bought the smallest and cheapest wings. really. extremely puny. No kick. but I have to say, they did a good job in marinating the wings. Though it wasn’t juicy enough given the meh size, the taste of it was flavorful.

The Nachos. At first, they gave us Ketchup instead of the salsa sauce. Whut the hell? Who goes to a cafe to eat nachos with ketchup??!?!?!!?!? Had the waitress to change it for us and according to her, it was because the chinese doesn’t appreciate the goodness of salsa sauce, so they had it changed to ketchup by default. Wow china. you wow-ed me with these logics.


Then I ordered the fries for 25 RMB. Expensive for frozen fries. I mean, yeah i know, who the hell doesnt use frozen fries nowadays right. but the thing is, 25RMB is hella expensive ,lah!I can have the best fries in the world for 10rmb at macdonalds! But of course, the fries in china also suck….-_-“””

This wasnt ordered on that day, it was my lunch on the previous wednesday. They have this set meal which cost 65RMB per set. My set comes with pasta-three pastas for you to choose if im not wrong, side dish-Nachos,friends or potato cake, and a cup of black tea or I dont know what.

To be frank, the pasta was fantastic, I could say it is the best pasta i have ever had in beijing in my 1.5 years of stay. Really.  The spag absorbed all the bolognese sauce, spag was well cooked-just nice, not overcooked like some restaurants.

The pasta was mushroom bolognese I think.

if you want to order the pasta only, i think its 38rmb for a plate of pasta.

Well, this place is slightly better than Bridge cafe. I give credits to the service , environment and the quality of food. However, I will only go there again when im feeling slightly richer than usual :p

Oh btw, both Bridge cafe and Sculpting in time are located in WuDaoKou.

Here’s a photo of M in Sculpting in Time. Hee

Har har. M and his coke float.


I think two weeks ago—the one with Qing Ming Holiday in China— we met up a few friends for Pork Ribs. *Jaw Drops Please.

the place is called HomePlate Bar-B-Que or something like that.

Before I touch on the food, I just have to bitch about the location. The location SUCK!!!!! Big time, really. We tried to go there by subway…but we got really screwed. We had to walk a reeeeally far distance —and we did not reach there by foot—instead, we took a cab……BUT, the dumb cab did not bring us there. We had to WALK quite a bit to reach this place. Not smart, really.

Half Rack Pork Ribs——150 rmb =OOOOOO

We thought that it would be a—looooot given that we are paying 150rmb IN CHINA ,:=O again

Beef brisket. 60RMB for a small basket. Don’t really like it. Tasted weird.

Buffalo Wings. All I can say is that I expected more of this. It cost about 35-38Rmb (might be less or more). It’s crispy and the size is about right for regular chicken wings—unlike the puny ones at Sculpting in time— However, I expected more. what’s buffalo wings for you guys? My definition of well cooked buffalo wings must be well marinated, juicy, and a right level of spiciness.

Buffalo wings here at homeplate: Not well marinated— Yes, the first bite was flavorful->with the crispy skin, the second bite into the wings->without the skin—tasted bland and dry. Meat was obviously overcooked because the moisture from the wings are all dried out.

Er, not fantastic, really. Oh btw, the sauce they gave was blue cheese o_O

Nachos. Nothing to rave about.

If I am not wrong, this is the pull pork which almost EVERYONE recommends. Well, okay, it’s not overrated, it was indeed the nicest of all….(IMHO)

For a lil basket, it cost 60rmb… I can assure you, if you’re going to have this alone for a meal, you w.i.l.l.n.o.t be full. Trust me. The portion is…tiny.

Abrupt ending to my post. lol


Vietnamese-Mexican Restaurant – Sanlitun(BJ)

We headed down to sanlitun last weekend to get M’s iPhone4S because lame America lock their phones for some dumb reasons >.>”

Took quite time in the store because I had to buy my earphones from the applestore, too.

Decided before we head out in the morning that we must have  the vietnamese food we had when M and I first started dating last year. Made a mental note that I should blog about this place..because the food was so good….(well, and pricey too:/)

I must say, i was wow-ed by the newly renovated place! When we went there last year, it was really….lame.  The stairs leading up to the second floor was just pure…disaster. It was those steps that you will definitely slip and fall when it’s wet. Aiyah, just those old old type har! :p So it was a pleasant surprise to revisit this newly renovated restaurant! 🙂

Oh… ignore the fallen white umbrella there. :/ HAHA!

For the second time, we went up to the second floor— because I strongly believe that the first floor is for mexican food and second floor is for vietnamese food. (You know I just love to be right about things. So do not bother to correct if you think or it is otherwise. TYVM uh)

M heading out after the meal. Heehee.

This is the view from our table. Oh, I just wanna show my newly bought —very expensive— earphones from apple 😛

M and I got ourselves Ice Lemon Tea. Happy hour begins in the morning till 7pm. It cost 25RMB usually but it was 1pm when we were there….so..HAPPY HOUR PRICE!!!!! 20 RMB!!! Dang, I know 5RMB difference ONLY…. I poor mah…. cannot meh? :p

BTW! I love their ice lemon tea because it just soothes your throat 🙂

M’s Chicken Noodle Soup — 35RMB/40RMB?

Soup was alright. Tasted MSG , you know? :/ Noodles are not very authentic! Meh 😦

M loved it even tho he did not have enough appetite to finish everything…Gu niang!

It comes with Chili Padi and Lime to zest up your soupy if you want your soupy to taste more….funky? :p

This is what I got for myself ^^ Quite pricey. was 48RMB I think….But the serving size was huge.

It’s the pork+shrimp rice noodles. I love the rice noodles!

The pork spring rolls were SO GOOD! Very crunchy!

Oh… they have peanut crunches sprinkled over the rice noodles..SO if you are allergic to nuts… remind them to omit that! 🙂

It comes with this sauce that you have to drench over the rice noodles and mix!!! Tasted sweet with a tinge of spiciness . Very refreshing!

my take:

if you feel sick or want something light… I suggest you to go for Chicken noodle soup instead of the rice noodle I had.


if you want or love food that is more flavorful , i strongly suggest the Pork+shrimp rice noodles ! And their ice lemon tea is good combination for this dish!

To be frank, this is not a restaurant that will sweep you off your feet kinda thing, you know? It’s pricey and the food is good but definitely not a wowzer. This would really be awesome if you want a change from those chinese food you’ve been having and still want the oriental taste. 

Alright. I’ll leave you guys my photo for the day! 😛

Oh..I think I need to do something to my dark eye rings. kthxbye.

Miscalculated Bill-Ganges Indian Restaurant

Hello All! Was in the midst of writing another review for Pho Pho in Sanlitun before I receive an email from Ganges.

So.. This is the story:

If you guys have been following my blog, you would know that I’ve written a food review for Ganges here

I’ve  mentioned in that entry about miscalculated bills…. Okay, it happened because when I just about to finish blogging, I tried to tally the total cost…But really could not tally it up to 271RMB-the amount which we paid….

Okay. Then I thought nobody would have bothered about my whining. Little did i expect to have received an email via TheBeijinger from the manager of Ganges

Dear Kikiau

This is Ms Hetal Hemnani, from Ganges Indian Restaurant making contact.

I read your review in detail in the blog and would like to connect with
you to check if there is any error in the bill you received.

As I could see you ordered tandoori chicken quarter, mushroom tikka, plain
nan and a chicken curry.

Did you order any drinks or rice or any other thing.? than the above items

Please help me with your mobile number and our Haidian branch manager Mr
Gyan Prakash will contact you immediately and if you have overpaid we will
be too pleased to refund you and will send someone to your address to give
the balance monies with sincere apologies.

Normally when you get a bill ,there is a detailed item wise break up of
the items you ordered you are billed with . Do you have a bill?. Even if
you dont have when our manager will call you and you please inform him
what items you had other than the above. He will quickly compute and get
back to you if there was any error.?

We have a 100 % computerised billing system ,which means you get a bill
from the items served from the kitchen,and the customer gets a itemwise
-rate wise bill.

May be the items went from kitchen ,but the waiter did not serve on your
table? Maybe someone made a mistake in not serving you your items which
were totalling to 274 rmb.

I will have our manager Mr Gyan Prakash to contact you immediately when I
get your mobile number .

Kikiau we love our customers and would like that you get a complete
explanation of the bill.

To strive towards customers delight is our goal.

Please give us a chance to correct ourselves if there is a mistake we have

Thanks for your time and attention .

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks and best regards

Ms Hetal Hemnani
General Manager
Ganges Indian Restaurant

The only thing I’ve omitted from this email is Ms Hetal’s phone number. haha.

Well, I was really very much surprised with this email…and of course, the service.

So Below was my reply.

After I sent out this email… I was kinda skeptical about the whole episode,you know? You don’t expect such good thing happen to you while you are China…especially when china is not a service oriented country. Of course, if this happen in Singapore…wow… I think Singaporeans will complain until they get free meals. Lol. But look, Im not in Singapore so I do not have high hopes. Lmao

So far so good, very service oriented , right? 🙂

When I came home last night  from wudaokou, I received the reply from Ganges explaining my miscalculated bills.

Dear Kiki ,
I just tracked the bill. Its order no CH2012033000063.
Ginger Ale - 2 -price 30
Chicken Biryani-1-price 48
Mushroom Tikka-1-42
Tandoori Chicken-quarter-1-35
Plain Nan-10
Chicken Curry-44
Total 221.
The cashier has accounted 221 rmb only.
For the day she has not reported extra cash collected of 50 rmb or more.
I will keep this bill with the manager and you can see the handwritten part/n the printed close bill from him anytime you visit us.
If you feel you paid rmb 271 or 274 there must be a reason.May be you overpaid . After discussing with the manager Mr Gyan Prakash he is not able to recollect any reason why the bill could be overpaid as the printed copy given to the customer is 221.
At Ganges we are very customer sensitive and beleive the customer is always right and hence we have 2 suggestions to make:
a) You are welcome to order any food of rmb 50/or rmb 60 - a Chicken curry and a Nan bread -we are too pleased to deliver to you to your apartment/home anytime . Please call Mr Gyan -15210673307 or restaurant tel-62627944.
Or if you are visiting us and giving us a chance again to serve you as I read a good friend of you did not visit the day your group came over to Ganges since his stomach was upset, you could get him/her  and have a meal with us. Whatever your bill we will deduct the rmb 50/60 from your bill.
I am marking a copy of this email to our manager Mr Gyan  and will speak to him too.
b) We straight away refund the rmb 50 or rmb 60 to you ,no  questions asked.
We can send our person to your apartment/home with either with a cash refund or any of the offer you would like to take.
We beleive the customer is the sole reason for we being in this business.
If we can win over you this time may be there is a chance you will visit again or recommend us to someone if you like us.
Hope we have worked out a win win situation .
Please let us know your choice and we will be too pleased work through whatever choice you make.
Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead.
Best regards
Hetal Hemnani
Ganges Indian Restaurant

Erm…Excuse me…. Are we….in…China?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

BAM! right in my face.

I have yet to reply Ganges about our decision but to be frank, I’m totally bought over by their sincerity.

Totally going back there with M and girlfriends… Will even bring others.

Seriously….. nothing beats good customer service. Horrid food could be replaced with good customer service…. What’s more….. Ganges offers awesome tandoori chicken AND uber awesome service.

I am very much pleased with how Ganges handled this issue and was frank about the fact they did collected the extra money without returning to us.

However, there’s a thing that’s still baffling… We really heard the Fu Wu Yuan said ” 271 RMB” …. and according to the email… it was said that 221RMB was recorded on the bill instead…..Also, the extra 50RMB wasn’t recorded…Hmm…… Evil Fu Wu Yuan….wanna pocket the money herself!!!!!!!

Haha. Whatever the case, that’s the internal problem….

I love Ganges!! for their tandoori chicken AND service!

thumbs up!

I love cakes! Lily’s & Cafes bro

Last weekends, M and I head over Si Hui to visit one of our friends who is currently now 38 weeks pregnant.

We hopped over to Lily’s American Diner for our lunch!

Lily’s at Si Hui is just a lil shop located in the stretch of chinese restaurants. I mean, you will never expect to find such nice lil cosy place amongst that stretch.

My friend ordered aVegetarian Burger-30RMB ——which according was AMAZING.

M ordered a Turkey Sandwich-35rmb +10rmb for fries — I stole a piece of turkey without M looking and finished all his fries. HAHA. It was yummy.

Next, I had my alfredo. TO BE was….orh,okay. Not fantastic. The creamy sauce wasn’t rich enough. BTW, i had it with Bow-Ties pastas. I had to toss it with tobasco sauce, serious. Oh it was 30rmb!

THEN …..!!!!!


This is their signature cheese dish. Our friend ,S told us that this is the BEST cheesecake in town. So M had to try it. Nah, I don’t eat cheesecake, I skipped that and had another dessert!

After savoring the slice of cheesecake, M turned and said ” Hmm, good”Lmao. He probably doesnt remember this.Lol.


So I had their brownie instead! This cost about 15RMB if I’m right! Not what I’d expected. It was so gooey !!! It was soooo rich that my teeth was sensitive to the sweetness of the brownie. Had to drink tons of water with this brownie. hahha. I mean, if you love those uber sweet stuffs…this fits you best!:P

OH YAH! Have the waiters/waitresses to heat it up for you. Fwwwaaah!

Lily’s American Diner

Subway line 1 SiHui Exit C1 North around 500m.
Phone : +86 10 6556 – 3817

It’s a shame I live in Haidian District. Both their locations are too far from my place for delivery. And I would not go down to either Shuang Jing or Si Hui specifically for the brownie since the other food —to me— was mediocre… :/



Just after dinner at Ganges on friday, the 3 of us (2 Singaporeans +Myself) went down to Cafe bros for desserts!

According to both of them, this place serves really nice “crepe cake”(?!)—it was OOS when we reached the place at around 9.30pm.

We ordered dark chocolate cake and a cheesecake ( they thought that I loved cheesecake because I’ve raved about the cheesecake at lily’s..Hahhaha!

After killing two cakes, Gen went down to get a “sweet potato” cake =OOOO!!!!

This is the sweet potato cake. It tasted JUST LIKE sweet potato-____-“””

Like mashed sweet potato in a bowl and they just spread a layer of cream on top of it. haha.

This is the chocolate cake and cheesecake.

I did not have the cheesecake because I don’t eat cheesecake. This chocolate cake is..the …best…i’ve eaten!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!


Damn rich. Dark Chocolate. Perfect!!!!! Lou said that it was too bitter for her. But honestly….It was orgasmic!!!! Really. And it’s 18RMB!

Will definitely head down to Cafe bros at wudaokou!

It’s just a few steps down propaganda / la bamba

I reckon that this cafe is opened by koreans. The lady boss sounds like she’s korean. Very friendly.

Wifi connection is great too. I think that’s because not many people were at the cafe when we were there. So yeah, thumbs up!


I would rate it 4/5 because it is a tad too expensive to have it every week!


and Im currently craving for it….ahhhhh!!!!!