Moving to the Third

Thirty-first of March two thousand thirteen was our Second Year together.

Friends of mine could have already seen my photos on all sort of possible awesome social platforms but I did a collage specially for this blog entry. Not very fantastic, I dug up last year’s photo which was shit. I have no idea why we cannot have decent photos on our anniversary…two years, we had shit photos taken. So cool.

M was sick last year for our anniversary and we didnt had a good time just because I was being anal to him (lol). So I kinda looked forward to this year’s anniversary. We had our anniversary dinner one day earlier this year because we both wanted to have a relaxing sunday to prepare ourselves for work the next day. We went to cafe de la poste (i dont even know if that is correct).

Tbh, i really had a good time time there. (well, I’m not commenting on the environment—-it’s a bar&restaurant—-so you know what I mean.) Food was really good. We had both Chef and Best Steak. —- Will do a review on it later— Focus on my anniversary please.

Like I told M, it’s so bloody cliche to say –Look time flies!– Cliche are meant to be cliche and I have to say it.. TIME FLEW BY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL LOST GRIP OF HER PRIZED BALLOONS–想追也追不回来– All happened too fast to even know what’s happening. Does it happen to you too?

Two years together: We spent three months together at the beginning, Close to seven-eight months apart(no seeing each other in between), back on 9th March 2012 till now.

The first three months together was a total bliss, we fought only about his ex-girlfriend. Eight months apart, we fought the first 5 months about insecurities, about distance, about uncertainties, about everything. From 9th March 2012 till now, we fought almost about everything the first three months and once we got used about having each other back again, we are more blissful than others.

It has been more than a year that M is back together with me and since that we had never looked back, or at least I never looked back. Long distance relationship seemed like they happened a decade ago, we got so used of having each other around.

Most of my friends asked this question at least once, ” Do you really think you could spend your life with M?”

It seems a little immature to say YAH YESSA immediately and No is definitely not an answer.

I tried to be a lil more realistic about the future. I always asked M silly questions like, ” So what if one day your ‘soulmate’ really appears right in front of you?”, “what happened when one day you met someone who gave you that right feel?” etc. Believe me, I’ve asked every possible permutations of such questions and more often than not, I also rolled my eyes when M gave me politically correct answer.

On a deeper note, it takes a lot to trust someone. I’ve used more time to learn to trust M than I took to write a chinese essay lol.

So my answer to that question is : I don’t know where life will bring me or us. I will do my best to keep us together, I will overcome any obstacles that comes into my way or our ways. At least on my part, I will never leave and will always be at that spot.

Sounds cheesy. I think you would know or feel me if you know.

Love is just like that. Able to sacrifice able to accept and able to hold one’s hand when the road has no lights. Because M gave me that sense of security, even just by playing his iPad beside me, even just by sleeping soundly.

Nights earthlings



Blessed Birthday to Me (Annie’s @ sanlitun)

Hello. Blessed Birthday to me!!!!!! ^^

And No, it’s not my birthday today. It was exactly two weeks ago. Okay, i appreciate your kind wishes.HAHA.

So I’ve officially turned twenty two !!!!!!!

Here’s a huge ass photo of me with a special cake prepared my lovely friends cum neighbors (:

Oh, ignore the background please. It’s usually VERY CLEAN OKAY!!!

Thank You Thank You friends. No amount of thanks will  be enough!Thanks for remembering it’s my birthday and also for the effort to surprise me!!!!!

I think i do owe an apology  to them. Okay the story is actually like this: We heard someone knocking on our gate furiously shortly after we stepped into our house. I was very paranoid and jumped onto the bed telling M NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR. lolol!!! He was like, WHY? i will open it and if that person is looking for you, i will tell him/her that you are sleeping , okay?! My reply was, NO DONT YOU DAREEEEEEEEEE….And so he proceeded to the toilet for a big shit and the knockings continued..until i saw my phone ringing…IT WAS THEN THAT IT STRUCK ME THAT…OHHHHH..ITS HER AT THE DOOR AH.

So i hurriedly opened the door for them…the first thing i got from them was ” WAH LAO. NOW THEN OPEN THE DOOOOOOR”


ANYWAYS. Yeah. Let’s skip the part where M was taking a big shit in the toilet. HAHA.

And the when it was 12:00AM, M jumped on me with a loud ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABBBBBBBBBBY” Siao. really. I was shocked. I was doing my work while he launched the attack on me. wtf. Very sweet honey :’)


M and I had my birthday dinner at Annie’s @ Sanlitun , AGAIN!!! Yeah. We love that place soooo much!

If you hadn’t read my previous post on Annies, click here 

Ordered their buffalo wings again. hahaha. their wings NEVER disappoints. So mmmmm juicy and well marinated!

Mashed potato from the children’s menu LOL When it came, it looked so much like a un-fermentated dough. Lol…. upon asking…they went ” oh mashed potato..from the children’s menu” -_-“”” Have to remind me that i ordered that children’s menu? Why the judgmental tone? children’s menu must be for kids meh? :p Hurr!

Oh but trust me, this mashed potato is DA BOMB. Boooomz… so good!

PIZZZZA. annie’s pizza, literally. It’s called the annie’s pizza. M and I loooooooove it so much because its so meaty. MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT can never understand how anyone would go vegetarian. Seriously, no meat no fun! ^^

Beef lasagna omg i keep typing it as lazania FML. hahahha. This is also da bombzzzz. SO NICE LEH the fillings omg!

I have to admit that we ordered a tad too much for two persons… :/ Like the usual M and i…. we always over-order never once under order. Really 😦

Unfortunately we were so full that we had a few pieces of pizza left!!!! We ta-bao-ed that and gave it to a homeless man on our way to sanlitun. On our way to the village, m said ” Its a good gesture to give the food for the homeless, but wouldnt it be too rich for the man?” Lmao, he thinks too much sometime. Hahahaha

This time round, i would give Annie’s a 8/10.

2 points deducted for :

1) their “gelato” ice-cream. Remember the last post i raved SO much about their ice cream!?!?! that the texture was sticky and the taste was so rich? this time round, gosh, they gave us NESTLE ice cream. Wtf. and upon asking, it happened that they have been using the nestle’s one. However, I strongly believe in my taste bud. The ice cream really did not tasted so trashy. M didn’t feel it though 0_x

2) there’s always room for improvement!

Overall, i had a really good and blessed twenty two. Thank you dearest M and friends who had wished me on this very special day! 🙂 Love you all! XX

Pweety hor? HAHA! joke.


Our Anniversary-First 31/3/2012

This is a long overdue post….or rather, occasion :p

Yep. We had our first anniversary on 31/march/2012!!!


And you would wonder, what happened to the 2 months in between? Well, that’s for you to guess 😉

So the boy came to Beijing after being away from his awesome girlfriend(me) for so long!

He found a job here and has been here since March 2012!!!


This is my once-in-awhile-romantic-boyfriend’s anniversary gift for his awesome girlfriend. haha. He ordered that online and had planned to give me a surprise on this date…But he couldnt keep a secret about that and so I made him give me the gift on the day he touched down. HAHA. So that was an early anniversary gift ^^


On that day itself, the anniversary wasn’t very much like what I had expected or maybe yours too :p

Matt was down with stomach virus….Which SUCK. Because our anniversary actually falls on the start of the one week QingMing Holiday. Yup. And he had that virus on Thursday……and he recovered on the last day of the 5 days vacation @.@

Well, he TRIED to be ok, and we headed down to sanlitun at 9.30pm(!!!!) for Blue Frog. Oh, and also his White pearlie iPhone 4S (roll my eyes)


So we went up to BlueFrog and began our “celebration” of our first year. Haha. Things were looking good. M can still order PINEAPPLE juice-.- I assumed he was feeling alright and started ordering.


I don’t know what is the name of this dish. Garlic toast with salsa.

Lo and behold…. Guess what happened?

I found hairs inside the salsa sauce *gagged

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.

So i had the manager to change to a new dish. (Frankly, i was kinda afraid that they will spit into my food T_T)


Sorry for the weird angled photo! I was eager to dig into my food!! Only realised that I forgot to snap a photo after eating a few spoonfuls of my pasta T_T

I ordered some creamy mushroom with salmon pasta while M ordered his bluefrog’s burger.

Honestly, not much to rave about.

The pasta wasn’t up to the standard which I’ve expected bluefrog to have. And it was expensive! 80++rmb for the pasta? Overrated.

Then, I thought the burger would be good because LITERALLY everyone raved about it(excluding the price, of course) It was 79RMB for the bluefrog burger if i did not remember wrongly.

Again, it was overrated. The steak was DRY and hard. Fries weren’t piping hot, they were soft and lukewarm…. as if they had been laid on the tray for a period of time and when they were needed to be served, they just heat it up in the microwave for like 10seconds kinda thing. Lame.


It’s not that the food was too good that we HAD TO pack home, you know? M’s stomach started to act up during our meals and we had to rush home. Normally, we would just leave the food and head off, but I just cannot deal with the fact that we PAID SO MUCH FOR OVERRATED FOOD AND WE HAD TO WASTE IT. No, that is NOT happening. So we had the waitress to have our food packed up. Gosh. I still cannot get over how expensive that meal was. I mean, that meal clearly do not worth the amount of price we’d paid. Gross.

Well you would thought that, Hmm, maybe the ambience was good enough to make up for the bad food. No, really. Some fat disoriented angmohs were playing pool, and whatever happened, i swear to the pacific ocean, the group of chinese women were screaming ” Ahhh Oh yeahhh” Fuck you, really. They were laughing like wild hyenas and I just had to roll my eyes whenever they YAHHHHOOOOO. Yeah, my eyes are really spontaneous like that.




Overall, I had a good time with M. Haha. Here’s a photo of us with his new white toy.


Till then, Bye!





Officially the Water Dragon Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! (:

Nah, this is not a duplicate from the previous CNY post 🙂

If you guys know, Chinese New Year has officially ended on monday 6th Feb 2012. Yeah, that day is commonly known to chinese as 元宵节. As it’s the 15th day of the New year, the moon is full and especially bright. Family gather together for dinner and also to spend time with each other. People I know have families that will only meet once or twice a year and that is during Chinese New Year and Christmas. While others a little more…

What I’m honestly very thankful for is that my family members see each other almost everyday (lol). Yeah. I have a family consists of eight .. My grandparents, my mom ,and uncle, his wife, my bro, my cousin and myself.  And we have this ‘tradition’ in my family that we will be back home for dinner every night if my grandma cooked.  Oh, and also on birthdays. I guess when family is small, it’s easier? Aiyah, I think that’s mainly because my grandpa is darn strict on that lah…So yeah …. 😡

Btw, i have no point. lol..


Below is a collage I’ve made…



This pretty much sums up my CNY for 2012. Not very exciting like a lot of people, but it’s an awesome opportunity for me to spend time with my family especially with my mom (:

As I aged (gracefully) over the years, things that had once been very important weren’t that important anymore. Maybe that’s life where you learn to let things go over time and to realize that there are actually a lot of things that holds much more value as compared to the pearl necklace Im wearing or the designer bag that you’ve eyed on. Expectations fall short but life goes on. What I need is to learn…to smile everyday…for the little things happen each day.

(: Love…Keeks

Happy New Year All!

Happy New Year

Blessed 2012 ahead!

Closing Chapter

I should have closed this chapter yesterday. But I was away and busy (pigging out and counting down). I had 2 countdowns this year. One in the Beijing Time zone, other in the New York Time zone.


Simply because I’m in Beijing right now and my boy is in New York. And so we had our countdown over FaceTime.

That’s Technology. We can even countdown together over iPhones for FREE and looking at each other. Hahaha.

2011 had been a good and bad year.

I met my baby boy;done with freshmen year;embarked on a LDR.

ha ha ha

hope 2012 will be a good year for all.

Health….. Dreams…..Passion…


Merry Christmas&A Boxing Day!!!!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


My Christmas Eve was an emotional one ‘cus I just felt so bleh where everyone has their partners while mine is so faraway and started to wallow in my own sadness. hahaha!

Prolly ‘cus my baby is going for his cruise that day too. haha. Like, meh. why aint you here with me on Xmas eve !!! ahha :p

Lo and behold. hahaha. Imma exclaim to the world that I received the BEST xmas gift. heh. Yes, mine was better than yours and i dont freaking care 😛







80usd. what the fuckery.

my boyfriend spent 80usd on 120minutes(…..)

heh. very sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

 i thought that was too crazy. so crazy. i mean, why wifi so expensive? 80USD for 800minutes ,I can slightly understand…..but 120minutes , they earn like siao please. gundos.

okay fine you tell me the cruise is in the middle of the ocean, OKAY FINE.i just wanna bitch, cannot is it. lame.

(credits:my boy)

So this is the bloody big cruise he’s on without wifi. (ok lah. maybe all the cruise in the world doesnt have wifi ok. i don’t knw and is lazy to google.)

So How did the big dumbo(me) spent her xmas? 

well. it was a quiet xmas compared to last year…. we had so much fun last year doing all sorts of things.

this year…i just spent my xmas at home doing essays(and is embarking on a new one now :x)

and went out to have a fucking cb dinner with my singaporean friend.

(Credits: my boy)

So he spent his xmas on this CRUISE wtf. a rich man’s life 😛

while i….



I tried so hard to lead a luxury life. HAHA.

but failed.

HAhahaha. fucking expensive xmas dinner. omg.

thankfully i paid like…10% of the bill…but still ex 😦

That’s why im staying in tonight to fast away my guilt last night.


and my baby is happily living his good life by….





(credits: my boy)


everyday can ogle at bikini chio bu!!!!!!!


gonna end here. need to write more essays. Meh.

Merry X’mas again you lil lovelies! 

p/s: its so difficult to blog in China. meh. internet speed soooo slow *_*

Merry Xmas Eve


Last year’s Xmas I was single. and I had an amazing time partying with my friends. walking down streets with couples were normal.

As I walked along the streets in sanlitun this year, I cannot help but to feel upset. Not single, yet lonelier than before.

envious just by seeing couples walking down the streets with their balloons (lol wtf weird culture)

sitting down at the sidewalk here watching people walked past me in this chilly weather seemed quite wtf. but just didnt want to go home. friends needed to study for exams(heck) friends had their other halves to accompany. lol wtf. I sounded so wtf.

silent prayer that goes…. may this be the last time i see myself so vulnerable.

Blessed Xmas eve!:)