First Snow in BJ

don’t know if you guys notice when you sign into…

There are snowflakes!!!!

That inspired me to blog about the first snow in Beijing for the year 2011 and also, my FIRST snow in my 21 years of life.

ImageThis is taken from my window…So pretty hor? I mean like, every morning i wake up to a disgusting piece of shit view…..but on this day..i woke up to a WHITE BEIJING!

Everything 顿时become so pretty….

Imagethis is the view of the estate’s garden. so pretty! aye…so not beijing! iLove! 🙂

ImageSoft snow….. they melt right onto your hand…. So pretty….!!!!!!

Doesn’t it look pretty here? Sure it does not look like the disgusting shithole i see everyday …..Taken in School.



Having snow is something cool about living in a four seasons country….I mean, yah, Singapore has 4 four seasons too…like rainy season, sunny season, hot season and cold season. okay, i dont make sense.

Maybe this is the post i will read again when I have my usual meltdown about Beijing……….


&also…the cold im experiencing right now is….fucked…….. URGHS….


there’s always 2 sides of a coin…………>.<




Happy Thanksgiving !!!! <3


how do you say it in chinese ah? 感恩节快乐

I’m actually multi-tasking at this moment. I’m listening (attentively) in class (yup at 9pm)and typing this. Mwahahahhaa.

So tell me how can i give thanks wholeheartedly in times like this?  Braving the strong winds and long chilly walk to school from my place and having lesson at this inhumane hour. oh jeez.

As usual…. gonna set aside those unhappy feelings and put in more effort to feel extra happy today……yeah just today –keeding–

donned in an extra sized NorthFace Winter Jacket, i feel like a dodo-fishball. diong diong~ on the street.



Stuffed Chicken placed in 250 Degree C oven for 45-50minutes. it turned out AWESOME AS FUCK OMG!!!! meat was so TENDER AND JUICY. Jeez. Imma genius 😉

The thingy above is turkey breast wrapped with japanese mushroom–金针菇– Oh damn. It was SO GOOD.

Spag with homemade sauce&mushroom soup! Jeez. So good!

Been so long since i had like such good western foodssss……. I love myself! hahaha

Compared to last year thanksgiving……

KFC at Duncan’s place with chen and his roomies. My first thanksgiving away from home , in beijing. Had a really good time together. Those were the days when we saw each other almost everyday!

and on the following friday, we had another thanksgiving celebrations with F@O team. Love everyone there! and i remember i cooked chicken rice for all! and some made really yummy potato salad that i simply cannot take my hands off!

Back were those days when I was really close with friends from F@O. Now that it’s a new semester, everyone has either gone back home or went to other parts of China to continue their mission in life.

Many things to give thanks for, the bad and the good. In general, im just thankful for what I have. Whether in beijing or back at home.

OH DARN. i forgot to call back home. my grandma must be complaining loads to my mom. we’ll see! haha.