Qingdao Take 2 — Aug 2012

I don’t know if anyone remembers…. i actually went to Qingdao last year June. You can read it here.

So 1 year later, M and I went back to the same place for his long vacation of the year!

As expected, M and I went back to the same hostel. However, it was relatively more expensive than the previous stay. It cost about 1200RMB for four nights from Monday to Friday. M booked the room through and I think that it’s probably due to the peak season for traveling in August… So i guess that was why it was ridiculously expensive? oh, not forgetting that KaiYue International Hostel at No. 31 Jining road is quite famous in Qingdao and amongst the travelers. Hee. It’s also cited in LonelyPlanet that it’s the best Hostel in Qingdao, so I guess that’s why :p

Here’s a view to the toilet in the hostel. Not bad i would say. Heater was good and the pressure of the shower head is very commendable given that we are in china :p and not to mention the flush too :p

If you were to ask me how big is the toilet, i would say enough to fit two fat person like M and I. No problem for showering , too 😉 Hahaha

And also, the cleanliness of this toilet can easily top the chart of 4 stars hotel’s standard, or even better. Sparkling clean 🙂 And the staffs of the hostel doing the cleaning everyday are very friendly. So just pop over to have them clear your bins 😀 M and I are fussy about letting people into our rooms when we are not around, so we did not ask for the room cleaning service for 5 days straight 😛 Quite safe I would say to leave your laptops around. I left my Lumix GF3 camera and Macbook in the room locked and they are still safe with me now :p

From the previous visit, we did things like walking to different beaches, eating seafood on the beach, tonnes of walking, friend meeting session but nothing like the touristy areas , so this time round we decided to be more adventurous.

We did Laoshan Mountain. Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes because I would too, if i were to hear that some ridiculous fat city girl going to climb a mountain. But yeah, I really did. Mwahahhaa

We started by taking Bus 304 from the Pier to Laoshan. Mind you… I counted, there were 35 stops from Pier to DaHeDong Ke Fu Zhong xin. FML really. It was a close to 2 hours of bus ride and I only got to sit down for the last ten minutes. Thanks.

We reached the place at about 12noon plus and got our tickets for 130rmb each. Btw, it would be really good if you have your student ID with you because you will get entry discounts 😀 Yeah bitches. I paid 85rmb for mine and M paid the usual 130rmb. (Hahahahhahhaha)  We bought the tickets to Yang Kou via various attractions. Both of us, especially M thought that it was a very comfortable route because all we did were to hop onto buses for different attractions.

To be honest, I did not note down where we went exactly… So let just have the photos up.

Photos taken with iPhone 4

/en-route to the summit/

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

/Halfway there…./

Photos taken with iPhone 4 

/have to take the “cable car” up…/

/Singapore’s cable is fucking a lot safer than that. At the very least, you are in a room….not sitting on metal bars. wtf/

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

/About to reach the summit. Saw the first upper right photo? Yeah, we entered that and had to literally climb a cave. wtf!!/

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/This is the only photo I’ve taken at the summit. Phobia of heights, ’nuff said. I don’t even care to crop the photo just to let you see i suck at taking photos. HAAAA/

Photos taken with iPhone 4

/The first photo was the Qingdao’s 凉粉, so i thought it was similar to Singapore’s Chin Chao(Grass Jelly) which is PUI. So disgusting. Meh. Wasted 5Kuai on that. But we got free spring water to drink which I threw it

/I still prefer Singapore’s seafood but compare that to BeiDaHei’s, it’s far better. China standards ://

Photo taken  with  iPhone 4

/I concussed that night. Totally knocked out. M was still able to wake up at 9am the next morning and go for a long walk. Siao/

/When i posted this to weibo, there were comments about how sexual it is. You mad bro? Chinese standards. Meh/

The next touristy place we went to was Huang Dao (Yellow Island;黄岛) — Golden Sandy Beach (金沙滩)

We walked up North from KaiYue Hostel to Zhong Shan Lu (中山路) to take suidao(隧道) 3 to Huang Dao. The bus will go through the underwater tunnel from Qingdao to Huangdao.

Lo and behold, Huangdao as its name suggested——is not an island by itself. it’s actually a suburb area in QINGDAO. Mwahahaha i bet you know nothing about that!!!! Neh ni neh ni poo poo!!!

we just alight at the last stop and took a cab from there to Golden sandy beach. Cost about 15kuai.

Photo taken with iPhone 4

Photo taken with iPhone 4

Do I need to say more? I’ve been to beaches in Singapore, Indonesia, New york, fucking beidaihe and Qingdao… I would say this Golden Sandy Beach hit the spot.  The sand glitters under the rays that it hurt my small eyes and it’s especially gorgeous when you see the water glitters,too when the waves come crashing in. WTF!!! SO PRETTY!!!

The temperature was perfect. It was windy, not those stuffy winds in Beijing, but cool strong breeze.Omg, sucha different experience from the widely claimed beautiful beach in BeidaiHe.Frankly, it’s so shit that I don’t even bother to blog about it. It’s just a waste of anybody’s time. Really.

Photos taken with Lumix GF3

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/The really win factor was that it wasn’t packed with chinese people. You have your own space. Very relaxing/

/the sky was so magnificent/

/staring out to the ocean gives your soul a good rest/

Photo taken with iPhone 4

/Perfect day for any couples/

/Perfect hangout place for anyone/

Photo taken with Lumix GF3

/Egg Yolk/

That’s all folks. We had a blast in Qingdao and above two were the main things we did in Qingdao this time round.

Did not go to the TsingTao BRewery museum again. We thought it was boring….wahahhahaha

No shopping or whatsoever for me too. Sigh. If you really want to shop or what, don’t bring your BFs along. really. I guess even when you go to HK, you are unable to shop freely like any women would. Boo.

Okay lah. I’ll end here. 🙂 XX


Qingdao June 2011

ha ha ha… I have been trying to come up with a travel post on Qingdao since….FOREVER!!! hahaha

Cut some slack on me yo…I was…very….beee….zeee… 😛

M and I have decided to go to Qingdao just a week before he left Beijing for New York (for the time being)

We booked our hostel through… HostelWorld . Hostel we stayed in was Qingdao KaiYue International Hostel. It was around…500 RMB i think?

haha, i still have the email…( that’s probably the only positive point for not clearing my inbox :/)

We’ve chosen this not because it was cheap but rather for the availability… We booked it like say…1.5 weeks before the trip? lol…..So a lot of those “nicer” hostels were taken up! (apparently QingDao is a Hotspot for tourist for its beaches…..)

The hostel was pretty ok..We stayed on the second floor;first room. The bathroom was spacious and CLEAN 🙂 two sets of towels were provided by the hostel. Two single beds with clean sheets ( in my OCD opinion). A bulky teevee and a old woody desk. Oh, there was a movable rack?stand? to hang our towels…Remember vividly that there were no hangers provided …Lol!!

Didn’t managed to explore around the laundry and bathroom for the dorms. We were stuck in our room most of the time cus we were so bloody tired which leads to another epic event to be mentioned below * hahahaha

So…we reached Qingdao in the afternoon close to noon time. We walked to our hostel….urm..yeah, we walked  to the hostel from the train station…Apparently it was quite near.. Hahhaa. Of course, we did not find the way to the hostel on our own…cus m and i have no sense of directions (im being really nice to include myself here. LOL)

Okay Lah… we found the place with the help of the invincible iPhone gps. hahahahahaha

We reached , took keys , put bags down, and off we go for our lunch. Lunch was alright with a bottle of Qingdao Beer. (So chinese to be drinking in the afternoon…hahaha qingdao of course drink qingdao beer right?!?!?!!)

After lunchy, we went down to the “flea market” where things there are supposedly very cheap ….(yah cheap but that’s after you’ve spent 1324324 hours of bargaining and acting “ke lian” (pitiful)in front of those shrewd vendors …


Matt bought a (lousy) Abercrombie(fake) slipper at the flea market and I bought a..i dunno how to explain shoe.
Jimo Lu Market
45 LiaoChang Rd.
ShiBei District > ZhongShan Road Shopping Area
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
即墨路商品批发市场, 聊城路45号, 中国山东省青岛市
Details can be found here
To those living in Beijing and reading this, this market is similar to Beijing’s Silk Market and Yaxiu Market. You gotta bargain like crazy in order to get the best deal which is darn hard..:/
* Regarding the epic-ness, both of us went back to the hostel after the flea market and got knocked out at about 5pm…..the next time we woke up was…..6am…. Freaking 13 hours of sleep. What the fuck. So in short, we slept our Day one away without planning to do so…:/
We started our day 2 unusually early because of the epic sleep. haha
We went down to have breakfast at the Old Church Bar, one of the many facilities KaiYue International hostel has provided.
They provide those usual American/European western kind of breakfasts , lunches and dinners.
Food was alright for me. Vividly remember matt ordered some french toast with strawberry jam and stuff. haha.
We started to walk towards the beaches, which all of them are named…after….numbers…. lol. Like, Number 1 bathing beach. Lol.
So we just walked along the coast to reach one beach from another. The usual things you will see, people selling seaweeds, seashells , drinks and food along the way.
Our lunch that was was at Number 2 bathing beach. Had our seafood lunch facing the sea…urm….maybe the beach…..urm…nono…. facing chinese people laying on the beach….:/ You get the mental picture. Not really that romantic… AHHA
 Credits: Matt
We had the lunch in front of us in this photo. haha.
 Credits: Matt
Our lunchy area…..Photos ripped from matt’s chinese fb called the renren. lol!
And we proceeded on with our long walks…….
To end the day, we met up with Matt’s friend, Russel who


,at that point of time, had an exchange in Qingdao something something University. We ate like ton of food…..and went started drinking………and walking….
and there you go, two drunkards posing with a dinosaur along the road …lmao.
&the journey doesnt stop at this dinosaur…we proceeded to this lil roadside stall selling 烧烤. we sat at those lil stools playing the drinking game. Lmao.
Lol… That was the game rules written on a piece of tissue paper. hahahahahaha!
Oh you know what, a woman whom we talked to …brought me to a bush to pee when i needed a toilet. When I told her I DO NOT WANT… she went on to pee in front of me ….to prove is “safe” to pee in the bush….. WTF….I was…. Meh..BRING ME TO A TOILET WITH DOORS YOU IDIOT. lol. I didn’t say that of course. I went back to the lil place with her…….with her un-sanitized hand around my arms…..(I was totally overwhelmed with disgust) Tried to go back to matt for “help” but he just allowed her to bring me to “another place with toilet” WTH right my bf?!?!?!?!!?!?!
Okay lah…. she brought me to a PROPER toilet after that…
Day three was……TIRED~~~!!!!
Another beach visiting day. We went to 石老人 By bus and missed our stop…..ended up walking loads to that stupid old man rock that looks nothing like an old man….Boo.
Credits: Matt
See see…Look like old man meh? haha
Us at one of the beaches.
In short, we did not go to those touristy areas such as Laoshan Mountain, Qingdao Brewery etc. It was more of a relaxed trip with lots of sleep. Matt wanted to see the beaches in Qingdao, so yeah…we visited most of the beaches..Lol… hahaha Will definitely recommend Qingdao as compared to Nanjing.. Cus more things to see….. and also if you’re more of a beach person or you love to eat seafood. Was nice to have seafood after so long..Cus there weren’t many places selling seafood in Beijing….or even there is…you don’t know how fresh the sea creatures are…..Seafood…must be eaten fresh, you know?! hahaha
Alright. That’s all folks. Qingdao Trip June 2011 is done!

Nanjing Trip Apr-May 2011

Hello Earthlings! As you can see from the title of the post, this Nanjing Trip happened earlier this year and is like what? 8 months ago? Hahahaha. Lame I know. But I just want to document this trip down somewhere where I can sit down with my laptop when Im bored with my life.

This trip is slightly more significant than the others ‘cus this is the first trip i made with my boyfriend and also the first trip out of Beijing eversince im in this shithole. Har Har.

I hope my memory doesn’t fail on me while writing this(;

We had a 3days 2 nights vacation to Nanjing over the labour day holiday. We took Train-D to Nanjing and it was about 9 hours. It was the most horrendous 9 hours of my life. Well, i’ve taken coaches to KL / Genting/ Malacca and these 9 hours werent even close to what I experienced previously. The train is nice but the people? not so. So I did not know that there’s such thing called the “standing space” ticket. It means that you buy a space in the train to…s-t-a-n-d. Like wtf?

Okay. So the tickets are categorized into hard seating/soft seating/hard sleeper/soft sleeper. Obviously the cheapest being the “hard-seating”… oh no, cheapest should be the standing space. Lame. Okay, so the hard seating in that train is the same as soft-seating very similar to the  seats in coaches to malaysia. What was really uncomfortable in the train was that we took an overnight train from Beijing , so technically we should be sleeping during that period of time. But dumb personals in the train did not switch off the lights throughout the whole ride. It was really.. a torture. And those people standing in the train made hell loads of noises. Oh god. I wished I could just alight the train. So matt and I did not sleep well…In fact, i did not really sleep during the train….and I was totally wrecked.

We arrived at Nanjing finally and spent a significant amount of time finding the motel. haha. that’s the really down point of not having an iphone. Qingdao trip was much better with an iphone! haha

We took a short nap and head
ed out to what’s famous in Nanjing…it’s called the 夫子庙. something like Bugis street in Singapore…Lil shops sitting beside each other selling stuffs.ER…. it wasnt that fantastic for me. Im not a scenic and historic person like matt.. so I only paid attention to things like….shops selling different kinds of weird things.haha. I don’t recall anything in particular that attracted my attention then. Oh, maybe a few turtles on the streets.

We hopped over to a park near 夫子庙.

Walked a great amount and we headed off to have some desserts at haagen dazz. It cost a bomb! Wtf. It’s more expensive than Singapore and there were quite many chinese there! Wah lao. all so rich! One scoop of raspberry sorbet was about……39rmb!(8 sgd) and it was a teeny weeny scoope lor. Matt had a coke float or something. hahaha I don’t  remember how much it was, but the total bill was 70 plus rmb including tax.blah! so ex!

and we continued to “explore” that area…. and reached the “real” 夫子庙. As a very historical person, matt wanted to go in…and so we did! i remember very vividly how I teased him for having to pay full amount and I don’t have to ‘cus I have my student card with me! Muhahah… So we got ourselves a free tour guide to tour around the temple like place. The tour guide was…bad :/ i think seeing  angmohs will generally gives an impression that his chinese isn’t that good and by hearing my fucked up chinese didnt make things any better. haha. There was an episode where i remember we were being brought to this lil hut for some prayer thing. Matt sat down and saw those donations others made, he struggled to tell the man that he’s a student … and is poor that he couldnt afford a few hundreds donations like the others did. His expression was epic. hahah

After the boring tour around the temple, we went to have our boat ride! hahhaa. Matt needed to pee since the start of the ride…..and the ride was an  hour. hahahaha He rushed to the nearest MCD for toilet.

Hmm, Nanjing is famous for their ducks…….. don’t know why and i did not even bother to look it up on the internet. So we went to have what Chuanting raved about when she was there the last time-Duck blood soup.. It was…….. alright. Really. It tasted like pig blood with a lighter taste.

Guess we headed back to motel after. OHOH, we were quite amused by some ice ball syrup…to be exact, it was only matt. I was excited cus it looked something a lot like ice kachang! hehe.
The second day, we went to have a heavy brunch. Had some braised duck thing(yeah duck again) and some other stuffs which i cannot remember at the moment. We walked quite far from our motel to that ulu place to have brunch. Sigh. Why we so gung ho? After that we took a cab to Zhong Shan something something. it’s one of those touristy place in Nanjing …. hmm, like a mountain or what.

It was a torturous walk/climb. the weather in nanjing already suck so much that its

so hot and humid…imagine its like climbing bukit timah hills … replace the slope with stairs. wah lao. want to die. So i bought a 扇子before heading up. I don’t exercise much while im in beijing so……my stamina is shitified. and know what’s the best thing? we realised that we were at the wrong side of the mountain while we were up high… sian–right? wtf!!!!!!

Okay nevermind, I got a lil quite pissy ‘cus it was SO HOT!!!! we decided not to head over to

the “right” side of the mountain and hopped into a 黑车(unlicensed cab) and went to yet another touristy place called……博爱. i forgot what is that about….but in a nutshell…nanjing is famous for their salted duck and this 博爱thingy. Maybe ..just maybe i will try and look that up in google later this week. heh.

that took like what? 3/4 of our day 2. We headed back to motel to rest. And headed to somewhere famous for its nightlife. Forgot where is that….but i remember having some “lion head” balls. wahahaa. cus it was quite late by the time we reached there, that was one of the very few choices left. Boo! But it was quite nice lah!

So we walked around the area and bam! home sweet home!

Day 3 was our last day in nanjing. we had like almost a full day ‘cus the train back to beijing is at night… We chop chop finished packing our stuffs , checked out and left our things at the counter and left!

We rolled over to the place we had dinner the night before, and had pizza for our brunch. We had starbucks afterwhich and someone told us that there’s this famous lake and its FREE ADMISSION..haha so matt and i rushed over there. oh i remember now, it’s called the 玄武湖. we rented a boat and sailed out to the lake alone. GUESS WHAT? our boat epicly stopped working in the middle of the lake… hahaha…… we panicked and well……i don’t know how…we just managed to ….float back.. :/ hahaa

Then back to motel to take our things and ate our last meal in Nanjing……..and said bye bye to Nanjing!

wha. the train back to beijing was…………. a nightmare!….

sigh…. I hoped so terribly to exit the damn train so much! boo! hahaha.

that’s the end of my nanjing trip!

and also,  we managed to steal the token used for the train ride. fun times.

OhOHOHOH. during this trip…. it coincided with our first month together…So I made a card for matt and put it under his camera near the bedside.AND GUESS WHAT THIS BUGGER DID? he did not even realise that and I had to tell him…” happy one month baby. did you even realise i made something for you?” stupid moron boyfriend. always spoil my surprises. sigh. My life.

my boyfriend. unappreciative. 😛

P/S to myself: Happened quite sometime ago…photos are jumbled. go iphoto see better. hahaha

x keeks