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Blessed Birthday to Me (Annie’s @ sanlitun)

Hello. Blessed Birthday to me!!!!!! ^^

And No, it’s not my birthday today. It was exactly two weeks ago. Okay, i appreciate your kind wishes.HAHA.

So I’ve officially turned twenty two !!!!!!!

Here’s a huge ass photo of me with a special cake prepared my lovely friends cum neighbors (:

Oh, ignore the background please. It’s usually VERY CLEAN OKAY!!!

Thank You Thank You friends. No amount of thanks will  be enough!Thanks for remembering it’s my birthday and also for the effort to surprise me!!!!!

I think i do owe an apology  to them. Okay the story is actually like this: We heard someone knocking on our gate furiously shortly after we stepped into our house. I was very paranoid and jumped onto the bed telling M NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR. lolol!!! He was like, WHY? i will open it and if that person is looking for you, i will tell him/her that you are sleeping , okay?! My reply was, NO DONT YOU DAREEEEEEEEEE….And so he proceeded to the toilet for a big shit and the knockings continued..until i saw my phone ringing…IT WAS THEN THAT IT STRUCK ME THAT…OHHHHH..ITS HER AT THE DOOR AH.

So i hurriedly opened the door for them…the first thing i got from them was ” WAH LAO. NOW THEN OPEN THE DOOOOOOR”


ANYWAYS. Yeah. Let’s skip the part where M was taking a big shit in the toilet. HAHA.

And the when it was 12:00AM, M jumped on me with a loud ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABBBBBBBBBBY” Siao. really. I was shocked. I was doing my work while he launched the attack on me. wtf. Very sweet honey :’)


M and I had my birthday dinner at Annie’s @ Sanlitun , AGAIN!!! Yeah. We love that place soooo much!

If you hadn’t read my previous post on Annies, click here 

Ordered their buffalo wings again. hahaha. their wings NEVER disappoints. So mmmmm juicy and well marinated!

Mashed potato from the children’s menu LOL When it came, it looked so much like a un-fermentated dough. Lol…. upon asking…they went ” oh mashed potato..from the children’s menu” -_-“”” Have to remind me that i ordered that children’s menu? Why the judgmental tone? children’s menu must be for kids meh? :p Hurr!

Oh but trust me, this mashed potato is DA BOMB. Boooomz… so good!

PIZZZZA. annie’s pizza, literally. It’s called the annie’s pizza. M and I loooooooove it so much because its so meaty. MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT can never understand how anyone would go vegetarian. Seriously, no meat no fun! ^^

Beef lasagna omg i keep typing it as lazania FML. hahahha. This is also da bombzzzz. SO NICE LEH the fillings omg!

I have to admit that we ordered a tad too much for two persons… :/ Like the usual M and i…. we always over-order never once under order. Really 😦

Unfortunately we were so full that we had a few pieces of pizza left!!!! We ta-bao-ed that and gave it to a homeless man on our way to sanlitun. On our way to the village, m said ” Its a good gesture to give the food for the homeless, but wouldnt it be too rich for the man?” Lmao, he thinks too much sometime. Hahahaha

This time round, i would give Annie’s a 8/10.

2 points deducted for :

1) their “gelato” ice-cream. Remember the last post i raved SO much about their ice cream!?!?! that the texture was sticky and the taste was so rich? this time round, gosh, they gave us NESTLE ice cream. Wtf. and upon asking, it happened that they have been using the nestle’s one. However, I strongly believe in my taste bud. The ice cream really did not tasted so trashy. M didn’t feel it though 0_x

2) there’s always room for improvement!

Overall, i had a really good and blessed twenty two. Thank you dearest M and friends who had wished me on this very special day! 🙂 Love you all! XX

Pweety hor? HAHA! joke.



Italian Restaurant – Annie’s

This was saved in my wordpress on 30th April 2012. As of today (4th May 2012), it has been laying here in my feeder UNTOUCHED. *ouch

Yeah yeah… I always have this POWDERFUL trail in me…that is called the….procrastination. Oh yeah baby. This condition has since worsened after the labour holiday. really. I feel that my life is incomplete with essays and boring lectures to attend. Life sucks.

Okay. Lemme just go into details of the restaurant that imma review on.


M went to this restaurant near his workplace a couple of times with his co-workers for lunch and he (finally!) brought me there last friday! WOOHOOO!!!! Italian foood baby! 

I’ve heard lots…LOADS about ANNIE on the chinese twitter—weibo. Yeah, and recently I read that they won TheBeijinger’s awards….(Am i….right?) Or nominated?! I don’t know and I’m kinda lazy to check it out. So yeah. Lets just assume that it won the awards, ok?!


Annie’s has in fact won THREE awards. They are:



3)BEST VALUE FOR MONEY-Readers’ Choice 

When I saw “Best family friendly” restaurant, I freaked out. The first thing that ran through my mind was the tiny area with about…30 cm of space in between tables ….. :/ Wait, is 30 cm a lot? If it is…okay….maybe <30cm. Really. I think the staffs had difficulty in walking through them with plates on their hands. Oh, during our meals.. two kids were running around..THE ALREADY VERY SMALL SPACE. The lil girl still hid under one of the table.


Okay. Enough of that nightmare. I’ll do a “check-list” later.

Back to food. “Best italian affordable” restaurant. Hmm. Lets take a look what we ordered that night.

(Man. The process of uploading photos…is a BITCH in DA ass!!!!)

This is the complementary appetizer or snacks prepared by Annie’s. I have to tell you,the bread is awesome with the greenish sauce…(spinach+olive?!)Well toasted, crusts were very crispy and soft inside.

Their buffalo wings. I would say this is BY FAR the nicest buffalo wings I’ve ever had. Even better than the ones at sculpting in time. Wings were well marinated, size of the wings was just nice, skins were crispy and juice oozed out the first bite. Awesome!!!! The only down side of these already freaking awesome wings is its spiciness. If it could be a lil more spicy, it would be perfect! The price for this was 30-35 RMB i think ( That is the freaking problem of blogging it late. You don’t really rmb the price and name of dish anymore.)

This is a NAY for both M and I. We ordered this because this pasta had the MOST INGREDIENTS.LOL! We had totally forgotten the fact that creamy stuff in Beijing is -almost- unsafe. Don’t read me wrong, the pasta was nice, however it was a tad too heavy for M and I. First spoonful was good but subsequent spoonfuls were MEH. In singapore, we call it “jer-lat” (malay) and in chinese we call it 腻(很快吃腻了-will get sick of it very fast). M had a really bad tummyache after this. We had to rush home in cab :p Lesson learnt——stick to tomato based pasta in the future!

Pan-seared chicken wrapped with omelette. What Im about to say may disappoint you because M and I both love the spaghetti beside the chicken better. opps.

In our humble opinions, we thought that the spaghetti was even better than the one we had—creamy pasta. Boo.

Oh yah. the chicken….. Sorry! I was and still not a fan of that. Seriously. It tasted like awful chinese food. Wtf. I really did not like this a bit. this cost about 68RMB btw.

25 RMB for 3 scoops of Gelato. Man, this could easily top the 3 other dishes. This.is.pure.happiness. We loved this lots and this is DEFINITELY going to be on our menu should we decide to pop by again.


You would think why would I give the chicken third position instead of the pasta. Well, I have to be fair. Even if I don’t love the chicken, i really loved the spaghetti and also I did mention that it was better than the pasta we ordered. So …. all in all, third position because the side dishes were really good!


Yes, I know that family-friendly restaurant means their meals are suitable for children,too. I know okay. I’m not an idiot. I’m just saying environment wise—isnt as friendly. If you meant by having children’s set meals listed in the menu is family friendly, then okay lor, yeah, they have children set meals.

If you based on other criteria, like the taste of the food ,whether kids love it or not, sorry, I don’t know. I’ll let you know 10 years down the road when I revisit Beijing with my kids and happens that Annie’s is still around. I’ll definitely let you know how my kids feel, okay? You feel better? Haha.


Best italian affordable…… HMMM. Is saizeriya italian food restaurant? I think their pasta were good—carbonara is fantastic even though they are creamy.

They are real cheap and serve awesome food. Okay, thebeijinger readers are expats and rich people. They don’t eat cheap and good food. I understand.(I’m having a separate blog post about this)

Anyhow, in my opinion,  it is definitely affordable when I convert the 40plus RMB for pasta into SGD. Which means to say, its like having a 8SGD pasta back at home. What? 8sgd is CHEAP. however, I have to always bear in mind that food in SG is indefinitely better than china’s. You really don’t know if their creams can be really trusted or if they contain enough melanin for you to turn brownish or blackish.

Buffalo Wings and Gelato—— affordable given their quality.

But I would not pay so much for lousy pasta and chicken main course.

3)BEST VALUE FOR MONEY-Readers’ Choice 

I have to say that they come in generous portions. There were 8 buffalo wings—which is a lot for 35-40rmb. Pasta were drenched with plenty of ingredients like bacons and mushrooms. There were more than 2 slices of chicken breast for the pan seared thingy.

Value for money…errr. Kinda.

If their pasta were nicer , Im definitely going there just for awesome pasta and wings and have my gelato for desserts. Muahhahaha.


All I can say about Annie’s is that I hope I will be surprised with their tomato based pasta the next time I visit. I told M that I really wanted to try their tomato based pasta.

That will be the deciding factor if i will become Annie’s regular.

Oh yes, the location of this Annie’s I went to…It’s near sanlitun. Situated in the same stretch as Hooters, just below Gungho! Pizza!


Alright. Thanks for reading! Au revoir!

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